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5 Sweet wedding desserts that aren’t wedding cake

A few years ago the wedding cake looked like it was in danger of being eclipsed by a new wedding trend: The wedding cupcake. The cake is still No. 1, but you’ll also want to try these sweet, modern-day wedding dessert ideas!

wedding-cakeSweet Stuff

From large to tiny, individual cupcakes seemed like a natural solution to the “what flavor” debate brides and grooms often have over wedding cakes. Well, we’re pleased to announce that the wedding cake is far from gone. But while wedding cakes are still going strong, a host of other goodies are joining them on the dessert table. Here are some of the current favorites.

The wedding cupcake

The cupcake is still a strong contender. Rather than serving regular-sized cupcakes, though, most brides and grooms are choosing mini cupcakes so that guests can choose a variety of flavors. These flavors can be old-fashioned favorites, like chocolate, vanilla and red velvet or unusual and exotic like key lime, coconut and strawberry shortcake.

Wedding pie

With this year’s trend toward “backyard chic” and other more casual, down-home weddings, pie has become a popular wedding dessert. One of the advantages is that you can have a “pie cutting” ceremony, as you would with a cake. With other dessert options, people often feel pressured to also have at least a small wedding cake to cut for the photos.

Wedding cookie bar

The trend toward more casual weddings and down-home weddings has also led to an explosion of the “Cookie Bar.” For the bride with more family than money, a cookie bar can be a great way to save a little dough (pun intended). Ask close friends and family to contribute three or four dozen of their specialty cookies and create a dessert with both variety and taste. Don’t worry if your family isn’t into baking. You can create the same effect with beautifully decorated store-bought or catered cookies, as well.

If small bags or boxes are provided, the cookie bar can serve double-duty as dessert and a favor. Guests can be encouraged to take a box or bag of treats home.

Wedding s’mores

One of the more popular items on cookie bars, or even as a stand-alone dessert at weddings today, are s’mores. These aren’t the Hershey Bar and marshmallow treats of summer camp, though. These decadent confections come in flavors like caramel, raspberry, peanut butter, white chocolate, mint and even truffles!

Wedding macaroons

At the beginning of 2009 and even into 2010, macaroons seemed poised to take over from cupcakes as the new and edgy wedding dessert. Wedding macaroons are usually small, cake-like cookies with a marshmallow-like or other filling. They come in a variety of colors and have a more sophisticated taste and appearance than the cupcake. While the delicate Italian treats are still frequently seen on sweet tables and cookie bars, their threat to cupcakes may well have been overstated. Cupcakes have a more satisfying, cakey feel to them than macaroons. And let’s face it: Although it may match the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly, no one really wants to eat a lavender-colored cookie.

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