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5 Honeymoon alternatives
for the budget-minded

Ahh, the honeymoon. For some brides and grooms it’s more highly anticipated than the wedding itself. But what if you don’t have the money or the vacation time to go all out? Try one of these five non-traditional honeymoon alternatives instead!

happy young couple honeymoon

After the wedding

Your honeymoon: A week of nothing but sun, rest and relaxation, time to reconnect with this person you’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with. Wait a minute, though— maybe you don’t particularly like the beach. What if you’ve spent not only your bank account, but also all of your vacation time on the wedding? Never fear, we’ve got some honeymoon alternatives for you.

1The mini-moon

With the time and money that go in to planning a wedding, it’s no wonder that many couples don’t feel like they can afford a honeymoon right away. Unfortunately, most couples who put off their big trip find that “real life” has a way of interfering with their plans for a delayed honeymoon. If you can’t afford a big trip right away, consider spending two or three days right after the wedding recuperating. You could go to a nearby town, go camping or even check into a fancy hotel in your own city. The point is to try not to rush directly from the wedding aisle to the workplace cubicle.


The great outdoors

If you and your fiancé both love the great outdoors, why not make a honeymoon out of it? There’s no reason why camping, or even backpacking, can’t be a romantic getaway, as long as you’re both equally interested in it. If you want something a little more exciting than your typical camping trip, consider an eco-friendly yurt vacation, like this one in Portugal.


Give back

Speaking of eco-friendly, perhaps you’d like your travel to be a little less about luxury and a little more about making a difference. You may not have to choose. A unique British company, Hands up Holidays, offers luxury trips that combine volunteer experiences in remote locations with four-star accommodations. You can get a relaxing vacation and feel like you’re giving back to the world in one trip. That’s more than you usually get from a piña colada on the beach!


The big city

While many of us dream of escaping the noise and bustle of the city for a relaxing honeymoon, for others it’s a dream come true. If you live in a smaller town, consider taking a honeymoon to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. With great restaurants, theater and non-stop excitement, a big city can be a refreshing change of pace and surprisingly affordable.


Vegas, baby!

Once thought of as the place you eloped to, Las Vegas is now a popular honeymoon location. One of the most attractive things about Vegas for a lot of couples is that it’s a city geared toward adults. With amazing entertainment and eating opportunities, and affordable hotel rooms, even if you don’t gamble, Vegas can be a great honeymoon location.

Last-minute reminders

Even more so than with wedding planning, the key to planning a good honeymoon is to stop listening to what other people say you “should” or “have to” do and focus on what makes you happy. A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so make the most of yours.

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