5 Fitness tips for busy moms

It’s back-to-school time, the end of the lazy days of summer. Time to contend with early alarms to drag us out of bed, competing carpools and juggling our kids’ school and extra-curricular activities. As a mom of an active teenage son, I’m the first to say that all the demands of being a parent make it easy to put our kids first, ahead of our well-being. However, as a coach for celebrities who similarly have “no time to work out,” I’ve created a few healthy habits – called the 25th Hour – that are the perfect health and fitness fix. Here are five fitness tips for busy moms that can conveniently be a part of your daily routine.

Mom walking son to school

You only need a few minutes to build muscle

Here’s the gist: Whether brushing teeth or talking on the telephone, everyday life is full of moments that can be used to work our muscles and get into shape. You just need to maximize your time by squeezing in simple “silent” exercises throughout the day. Since you can fit these exercises into your schedule anywhere, anytime,  I call them the “25th Hour” – it’s like getting an extra hour to focus on you and your well-being.

1Kick the car to the curb

Forget the carpooling once in a while; put on your sneakers and make the trip to school a fitness-friendly outing for the whole family by walking or biking! It’s a super time for bonding with your little ones while giving you (and them!) a quick morning cardio session to get your heart pumping for the day.

2Delight in domestic duties

Don’t fret when your family’s breakfast and dinner plates have exceeded the dishwasher’s capacity. There are some chores you’re actually better off doing by hand. Washing dishes by hand will burn 78 calories per half-hour; knowing that a pound is about 3,500 calories, and assuming you will wash dishes for a half-hour over 45 days, you’ll have lost 1 pound without even knowing it. That’s about 8 pounds a year! Now, doesn’t that make you adore the tower of plates in your kitchen sink?

3Multi-task for muscles

Spending endless hours on the phone coordinating after-school recreation, playdates, dentist appointments and more? Contract your booty while you talk. Don’t let the hectic days impact your rear; squeeze those glutes daily and go for the burn. When it’s bikini season again you’ll be glad you did.

4Give yourself a lift

Keep your upper body toned with my signature move, “standing push-ups.” Whether you’re a stay-at-home or office-working mom, every time you go to the restroom, take a moment to tone your triceps. Stand in front of a wall with your arms straight out at eye level; place your palms on the wall and bend at the elbows to do 20 standing push-ups; push your body back from the wall harder each time, moving slowly and maintaining control.

5Bellybutton to spine for fab abs

Contract your abs as often as you can remember — this is your secret to a flat tummy! By constantly contracting your abdominal muscles during the day, you work on your “deep abs” without much effort at all. Doing housework? Suck in your abs! Grocery shopping? Suck in your abs! Reading this story on SheKnows.com? Suck in your abs!

To all you dedicated moms out there: You deserve a 25th Hour in your day — so get to it!

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