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30 Days to your best body ever

What if you had 30 days to transform your relationship to your body? What if your life was at stake? Would you step outside your comfort zone? What would you be willing to do? Well, your life is at stake! Every moment you spend bashing your body in any way, shape or form, is a moment you have lost. Let this be the year you stop beating yourself up and start living in self-acceptance. Not only will you direct your energies in new and exciting ways, you’ll have the best body ever because you’ll have shaped up your body image. Here’s a 30-day plan to take back your body and love it inside and out.

Week 1

Proud large build woman

Day 1: Breathe deeply. Set a gentle alarm for every hour of your waking day and take at least five deep, conscious breaths.

Day 2: Start the day loving you. Get up before dawn, watch the sunrise and appreciate yourself.

Day 3: Write a gratitude list. Come up with the top 10 things for which you are grateful (add more if you like) and fully apreciate every single item.

Day 4: Ditch the scale! Seriously, unless you have a valid medical purpose, there is no good reason to have a scale, especially if you use it to beat yourself up.

Day 5: Search inside. Many of us get caught on the self-help treadmill, endlessly searching for something outside ourselves, buying self-help books, surfing the Internet. Take the time to look inside for what really matters.

Day 6: Clean your kitchen. Get rid of the health foods you hate and discard the junk foods that make you feel bad.

Day 7: Donate your “skinny clothes.” Skinny clothes make you hate your body and lead to a feeling of failure. Get rid of them.

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