10 Back-to-school health products for kids

Back to school means summer is over and your kids are once again working hard in the classroom. The busy schedules, hours of homework and exposure to new germs all can take their toll on children of all ages. A balanced diet, adequate sleep and products that promote healthy immune systems can keep your kids in peak health and even improve their performance in the classroom and on the playground. Here are 10 back-to-school health products to stock up on before your kids head to class.

1Ascenta Health NutraSea Kids Omega-3


You’ve heard omega-3s are good for adults, but these essential fatty acids are also key for your kids’ health. NutraSea Kids is a pharmaceutical-quality fish oil with a balanced EPA/DHA ratio, making it an ideal food supplement for a healthy heart, improved mental function and mood, and strong bones and teeth. This kid-tailored berry-flavored supplement also contains GLA, and omega-6 fatty acids, scientifically proven to be beneficial for early childhood development. When taken alone GLA offers little benefit. When combined with adequate intake of EPA, however, its beneficial properties are enhanced. With a delicious flavor, NutraSea Kids is formulated especially for children 2 to 13 years old. NutraSea Kids exceeds the Council for Responsible Nutrition pharmaceutical quality and purity standards and is certified by Pure Check third-party verification. If your kids aren’t crazy about salmon and other omega-3-rich food sources, NutraSea Kids offers a contaminant-free, tasty alternative.

Available: Health food stores nationwide, including Vitamin Shoppes and Whole Foods, and online at www.VitaminShoppe.com.
Retail: $22 for 6.76-ounce bottle (40 servings)

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