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Look your best in that bathing suit

When summer heat blasts, you’ve got to be ready to strip down. While you don’t need to show off your birthday suit – except in certain private, pleasurable situations, of course – a bathing suit that exposes some skin, keeps you cool and beats those heavier layers of clothing is the way to go when the temperature rises. For some people, the thought of revealing their curves in Lycra is downright scary. Here’s how to boost your confidence, find a swimsuit that flatters, and look your best.

Mom and daughter on beach

Do you find those tanned, skinny girls in little bikinis on billboard ads and magazine covers just a little irritating? You know all about airbrushing, lighting and the magic of makeup. Still, chipping away at your self-confidence, you hardly feel inspired to bare your legs in shorts, let alone show the world your jiggly bits in a swimsuit. Well, you’re not the only one.

6 Tips for looking your best


Go light and stay beach body slim

Marketers at Molson Canadian 67, a specially brewed light beer with only 67 calories per bottle, can sympathize. Their research, conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion through an online survey of 1,002 adults and statistically weighted, found that 65 percent of Canadians said they have tried to lose weight to look good in a bathing suit or for a vacation.

Certainly, it’s one reason to choose a light beer over a more calorie-laden one. But remember to keep hydrated with water and juice, especially in hot weather, because alcohol is dehydrating.

“How we appear in a swimsuit is definitely top of mind for Canadians,” John Francis, assistant brand manager at Molson Canadian, says. The company put together tips to prevent dressing-room drama and help people find the best swimsuit for summer.


Convenience, coverage, and comfort for men

For men, shopping for their own swimsuit is about the 3 Cs: convenience, coverage and comfort. So buying a bathing suit shouldn’t be any different from buying a pair of pants, socks or a toothbrush.

  • Convenience: go to the closest store or shop online.
  • Coverage: a bathing suit should look like shorts (with a liner) not something you would wear under shorts.
  • Comfort: not just the suit, but the comfort and support you show your partner when she searches for the perfect swimsuit.

Guys, leave the Pamela Anderson references at home

Some women want their guy’s opinion and support when it comes to shopping, even for a swimsuit. Here are tips for him, before he tags along:

  • If you must tag along, say as little as possible (nod and smile, nod and smile).
  • If you have to speak, be supportive.
  • Encourage her to buy the expensive one, if that’s the one she prefers.
  • Treat her to a nice evening following the shopping expedition. Make her feel special.

Boosting your bathing suit confidence

Buy the right suit

For women, shopping for a swimsuit takes more consideration. It is important to answer a few questions before you head out. What will you be doing in the suit? Snorkeling and cliff diving require a different fit than sun bathing and floating in the pool. Opting for a one-piece instead of a two-piece will make athletic activities easier and prevent any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

Plan ahead for the perfect suit

Don’t leave it to the last minute and buy the first suit that catches your eye. Avoid buying swimwear at a resort where suits are usually overpriced and undersized. Taking your time and shopping around will pay off.

Consider your body type

If you’re small-busted and boyish, go for the bikini with a print and ruffles to add volume to your curves.

Full figures, don’t think a one-piece isn’t sexy. Sometimes, less exposed skin is far more alluring than baring the basket. Try one in a solid color with a deep-v front or high-cut legs to lengthen and streamline your body. Stay away from somber basic black and sizzle in color.

A lovely pear shape is common. Play it up with an eye-catching top in a bright floral with a solid, slimming full-coverage bottom. Most importantly, take the time to try on different styles to find what suits you best.

Bathing suit bottom line: If you feel good in it, buy it.


Show off your smile and your curves

Now, even Megan Fox can be shy sometimes (possibly). So stop stressing out and start smiling before you hit the beach or the pool. Scientists say that even a forced smile to get you started stimulates the brain in a similar way to real happiness.


Time to relax

Who needs a photo shoot and airbrushing to feel good about themselves? Listen to your favorite tunes and strut your stuff. New research says that while a massage helps you relax, it has more to do with the music than the rubdown. Although, we’d welcome some help with reapplying sunsceen, if the right person happened along.

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