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Dating again after a long-term relationship

Physical healing

Not only can heartbreak leave an exhaustive mark on us emotionally, it can take a significant physical toll, too. Whether you’ve been under/over eating, losing sleep or sleeping all the time, you need to feel healthy to feel great about dating again. Follow these steps to get back into great dating shape.

Woman in salonTreat yourself to a mini makeover.

Get a haircut, highlights, a new outfit, a new makeup style, etc. Don’t go extreme on your makeover — just a little alteration to make you feel renewed and fresh.


The best way to heal your heart is to get it pumping. If the last time you recall your heart rate was high was as a result of an argument with your ex or a massive crying session, it’s been too long. Preferably, work out outdoors to absorb the tremendous benefits of sunshine.

3Don’t put love on hold until you feel your dating best.

It’s guaranteed that if you wait until you achieve an appearance goal, when you meet it, you will create a new excuse to hide from dating. Date now, while you work on your goal.

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