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Breakup survival: Hopeless to hopeful in 10 days

There is only so much sulking and binge eating a girl can do post breakup before enough is enough! If you’ve peaked on self pity (or your best gal pals think you have), follow this breakup recovery prescription. Just one dose a day will help you stop recycling pain and start focusing on building a happier you. After 10 days, you will feel remarkably healed and uplifted. Chances are, you will be thinking, “What breakup?!”

Hopless woman on cell phone

Breakup recovery daily schedule

Day 1: Perform a tech cleanse.

To properly move on, you need to stop checking to see if he called, if his Facebook status indicates he is dating yet, etc. The only way to accomplish this, unless you happen to be the one woman with super-strength willpower, is to cut yourself off from your ex technologically. This means delete his number, his screennames… and yes, defriend him. Let go of the old so you can make room for the new.

Day 2: Stock your kitchen with healthy detoxifying foods.

Once you’ve done your ice cream and Pringles binge, clear out your cabinets of junk and fill them up with good-for-you goodies. Then challenge yourself to cook a new recipe with some of your new ingredients. As you eat your creation, commit to a healthy next dating chapter, committed to heart happiness.

Day 3: Wrap yourself in nature’s blanket.

Leverage the power of nature today by going for a walk, hike, run or bike ride. Notice how your heart feels when it pumps with positivity, instead of negativity. Inhale the fresh air and absorb the power of sunshine’s natural vitamins. You will feel as if you are getting a gigantic hug!

Day 4: Indulge your inner beauty queen.

Today’s the day you treat yourself to a fabulously luxurious mani/pedi or deep-tissue massage treatment. Don’t skimp; go for the extra foot massage, special scrub, the works! Relax your muscles (including your heart) and your mind, allowing you to just escape for awhile. You deserve it!

Day 5: Rearrange your bedroom.

Now that your bedroom is back to being a girls-only sanctuary, make it feel like it. Swap the ex-ridden sheets for a fresh set. Move your furniture around. Spray sweet-smelling room tonic around to rid it of man smell. Donate/trash any remaining belongings of your ex. Finally, blast some power girl anthems and welcome yourself to your revived haven!

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