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Work and wedding planning, do they mix?

The vast majority of today’s brides are working full-time. A large percentage of wedding planning today is online. Most people have faster Internet connections at work than at home. Hmm, it’s not a big jump to assume that a lot of brides are doing some wedding planning at work. We promise not to tell your bosses what you’re up to in your downtime, but we do have some suggestions for making it all a little smoother.

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Check the rules

Getting a little wedding planning done at work is not worth losing your job. If your company has strict rules about unofficial uses for your computer then you could wind up searching for a new job and caterers at the same time. You should also check into whether or not your company uses a computer program to track what sites you visit. In most companies the IT guys have full access to your browser’s history. Definitely keep that in mind before looking at any proofs of boudoir sessions!

Use email

Emailing vendors is much more discreet than calling them on the phone, it also leaves you a record of what was discussed. At OneWed we have two ways of helping you contact vendors discreetly and quietly. For our top vendors, you can leave a message directly on their OneWed listing, asking them to contact you. Or, you can participate in Matchmake. With Matchmake we ask you a series of questions to try and determine your needs, then offer vendors who meet your criteria the chance to contact you. If you prefer the phone, you can always save a vendor’s listing to your OneWed profile, and contact them at home by phone.

Don’t use company email

You may not realize this, but your company has every legal right to read your emails, if they’re sent from a company account. If you use your company email for everything, you might want to look into getting a free gmail or hotmail account. This will help prevent embarrassing slips (like accidentally asking the VP for a price quote on six bouquets), and help you keep wedding info organized in one inbox.

Be discreet

Engaged women in the workplace have a bit of a reputation for shirking work in favor of wedding planning. Even if you’re only using your lunch hour for planning, others may assume the worst. You can help lower this perception by keeping the chatter about your wedding to a minimum. The more you talk about your wedding at the water cooler or on the way to a meeting, the more others will assume you’re using work time to plan it. Not talking about your wedding at work will also help you avoid uncomfortable discussions about who is and isn’t invited.

Be fair

Almost everyone does a little non-professional web surfing at work. But, think about the affect your extra-curricular activities may be having on the rest of your team. If you’re starting to miss deadlines, turn in sloppy work, or rely too much on your coworkers to cover for you, then it may be time to move your planning to the home office. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, you don’t need to combine it with finding a new career.

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