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When a nurse practitioner is better than a doctor

They may be called nurse practitioners, but these health care experts are much more than just nurses. Their advanced education and training as well as their vast experience stands them in good stead when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients. Certainly not to detract from the value of doctors, but in some cases, it’s actually better to see a nurse practitioner than a licensed physician. Here are the many benefits of seeing a nurse practitioner and how to choose the right one for you.

Woman with nurse practitioner

The benefits of seeing a nurse practitioner

If you’re wondering if a nurse practitioner is right for you, consider the following benefits nurse practitioners have to offer.



Since nurse practitioners practice in rural locations, they’re often more in tune with patients’ needs and are able to understand you better. They know your medical history and are able to treat you accordingly. Nurse practitioners also spend more time with you because their schedules are not as full as the doctor’s schedule.


Speedy appointments

It’s easier to get an appointment with a nurse practitioner because most people prefer to see the doctor even though they have to wait days for the appointment. This is not because nurse practitioners are less efficient or capable; it’s a consequence of the misconception that only doctors can treat you effectively.


Lifestyle guidance

When it comes to providing primary care, nurse practitioners are more efficient in treating chronic illnesses like diabetes and asthma because they’re able to spend time with you in explaining how to manage and control these diseases. They also schedule follow up visits to monitor your condition and progress. Nurse practitioners can help you in making lifestyle and health decisions that change your life for the better.


Lower health care costs

Your overall healthcare costs are reduced because people who consult nurse practitioners are known to have fewer emergency room visits, shorter hospital stays and lower treatment costs.

In general, nurse practitioners are qualified, considerate and caring, so you’re bound to be satisfied with their care. And if you’re not satisfied, you can always ask to see a doctor for a second opinion.

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