New high-energy workouts that work!

Jun 22, 2010 at 5:41 p.m. ET

If you’re looking to get into super awesome shape just in time for summer, you’re in luck. Several recently launched workouts are coming to a town near you. Not only do they shred calories, these high-energy workouts also offer unique ways to spend your exercise time.

Fitness Dance Class

Kickboxing gone groupie

In the 90s, kickboxing was all the rage. Now, classes across North America are putting a different spin on the activity. Take Judy's Group Fitness in Toronto, Ontario, for example. Started in 2005 by Judy Romantini, Judy's not only offers a high-energy workout, it also puts the "group" into group fitness. In the past, kickboxing classes were a thing you did by yourself or quietly at a gym. Not so with Judy's. This calorie-torching, physique-defining workout forces you to literally kick it out with your fellow boxers. From cheering and clapping to yelling and chatting, it's one of the many classes putting a new spin on kick-butt fitness.

Love Handles StrollerElliptical training for mommy and tot

When you're a new mother, getting out of the house – and especially to the gym – for a workout can be an insurmountable task, which is a growing number of companies are starting to design innovative exercise products with moms in mind. A great company leading the way is Love Handles, the first and only product that turns an average baby stroller into a full-body elliptical trainer. Simply grab this stroller's handles and go spinning. It's the perfect exercise for toning your midsection, arms, back and legs. It's even been endorsed by modern supermom Kelly Ripa.

Dance your way into shape

Working out has to be fun, which may be why so many people are latching on to the high-energy workout that is Physique57. Started in New York and newly popular in Los Angeles, the dance-based workout is considered to be one of the most effective exercise systems designed to rapidly transform your body. In as little as a few workouts, clients are said to develop a sculpted bod, improved cardiovascular health, long and lean muscles, and better body alignment. Killer abs, a toned butt and even stronger bones are also awesome side effects.

P90X: Beach body building

The new P90X is a workout that is not for the faint of heart. Called Insanity, this "hardest workout program ever on DVD," lives up to its claims. It's all (good) pain with lots of gain. Packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power and resistance as well as ab and core moves, P90X is designed to whip you into shape super-fast. And you'll see impressive results even if you're not following the accompanying nutrition program – though the nutrition plan can quicken your lean body results. Possibly the best part of this workout? All you need is a towel and your water bottle; no weights or exercise equipment is needed.

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