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Readers reveal how often they have sex!

The average woman enjoys a good shag more than once per week, a recent SheKnows poll revealed. How often are other couples having sex? Check out our results below!

According to a recent SheKnows poll, the average reader is getting laid more often than she does her laundry.

51 % of you reportedly have sex several times per week, while only 18 % limit sex to once weekly.

Average times per week to have sexGimme More

The extra nookie does a body good, too. Studies show frequent sack sessions reap loads of benefits for your health. According to Wikes University in Pennsylvania, people who have sex once or twice per week produce higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that jumpstarts the immune system. Other benefits of sex include:

  • Increased longevity
  • Reduced depression
  • Firmer body
  • Better sleep
  • Healthier digestion
  • Stronger teeth
  • Healthier heart

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    All Or Nothing

    Our results also showed a tendency for sex to drop off completely after the one-week mark. Surprisingly, more of you have sex once per year than once per month (16 and 15 percent, respectively).Yes, it’s only a 1-percent difference, but damn! Looks like our philosophy is “go big or go home.”

    According to yoga instructor and sex guru Sadi Nardini, “Sometimes people say they want better sex, but they’re neglecting the one person that can make that a reality: themselves. When you like yourself more, you’re more likely to want to connect with your partner. But often, people go about the quest to have a sizzling bedroom life all backwards.”

    So let go of your hangups — work, kids, bills… your muffin top — and focus on yourself and your body. Check out this video for some tips on how breathing can decrease stress and prepare your body for an amazing boink.



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