4 Outrageous ways to get over your ex

We’ve all gone through bad breakups, and we move on in different ways. Sometimes, it takes a tub of ice cream and a few martinis; other times, it takes serious therapy. We talked to four real women who were in long-term relationships and got dumped. Wait’ll you read how each of them got over her ex!

Couple in hotel room bed

The best friend approach

1“I slept with his best friend.”

For five years, Monica put up with her boyfriend’s accusations that she was hitting on his friends. She swears that there was nothing to the allegations.

“It got to the point that I couldn’t even go out with him if his friends were going to be there,” says Monica, a 28-year-old from Boston. “The night would always end in a fight, with him accusing me of things that I would never even think of doing. I was faithful — completely — for five and a half years.”

In a sad, ironic twist, Monica came home from a business trip early one weekend to find her live-in boyfriend in bed with her cousin. After the shock wore off, she packed her things and moved out. She hasn’t talked to her cousin or her former boyfriend since.

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“I did get him back, though: I slept with his best friend,” Monica says. “At first I felt like a tramp. But what the hell? He accused me of doing it for five years, so why not?”

“The next day, I left my ex a voicemail letting him know that his friend was not only bigger, but also lasted longer than three minutes.”

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