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One-night stands: Is it ever worth it?

The one-night stand: Lust’s oldest, most alluring, most debated and most misunderstood sin. That’s why we love them so! Whether you’ve had one, none or too many to count, everyone is intrigued by the one question no one can seem to agree on… is it ever worth it?

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Should you have a one-night stand?

Passionate, reckless, carefree and forbidden, the infamous one-night stand will likely go down in sex history as equally the most celebrated and shamed of all bedroom encounters. So, to decide for yourself, if it’s “worth it,” just weigh the pros and the cons:


1Battery-free ecstasy. While sex toys certainly can be a girl’s best friend, a real live man is the cat’s meow! The one-night stand is designed for pure and simple sexual satisfaction and with all of that self-service you should be able to direct Mr. For the Night right to your ‘O’mg spot!


2Feel-good fun. Compared to most everything else in your life – work, working out, working (fill in the blank here) out – a one-night stand is good ol’ fashioned easy fun! With no weight of what comes next, you can truly enjoy the moment of unadulterated pleasure you are in.

3Practice makes perfect. No woman is born a sex goddess… it takes practice, experimentation and confidence to score medals in this sport. One-night stands offer the perfect platform to try out all of those tricks and positions you’ve read and fantasized about, but never dared to do. Jut think, when you wind up with someone meaningful, you will be able to blow his mind… and then some.

4Amazing tell-alls. A one-night stand is the real life version of a scandalous romance novel… all of your very own! Filled with passion, mystery and juicy details, you and your BFFs can benefit from your steamy solitary night.


1Falling for what’s his name. Some women can’t help but open up their hearts when they open up their legs. As soon as they leave his apartment they become regretful wishing they had exchanged less bodily fluids and more life stories. One-night stands are for rational daters, not Cinderella ones.

2Walk of shame. There’s a sure-fire chance that you may have to stumble home at an odd hour with one shoe and men’s basketball shorts on, signaling to all around that you definitely had sex five minutes ago. With that could come pangs of regret and humiliation, not to mention lectures from anyone who finds out. Be prepared to own what you do, or don’t do it.

3Careless but potentially fatal mishaps. One-night stands happen in the heat of the moment and sometimes the moment doesn’t include important conversations like “I have such and such an STD” or “I’m not on the pill.” If condoms aren’t an automatic part of sex for you, you may get some serious strings attached with what is supposed to be no-strings attached fun.

4They can be addictive. One-night stands can be so easy. Too easy in fact, thus creating an addiction to the ease of them and a block to the potential of a real relationship. It is key to balance free-frolicking fun with actual dates.

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