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Guy quiz: Who is your type?


Bad boy: He’s got an “edge,” and you love it–until he runs off with your hussy friend or is officially banned from every bar in a 50-mile radius for trying to rough-up the bouncer. You dig the ups and downs that come with dating this volatile personality, which you describe as “passionate.” Wake up, sweetie–this d-bag will drag you down faster than the iceberg sunk the Titanic.


Artsy: You might get the most creative dates with this quirky guy-type. He’s more at home discussing Voltaire over wine and cheese than pounding brewskis and listening to a bad cover band at the pub down the road. But his head might be too in the clouds or in the books for him to give you his full attention or an equal partnership. Be prepared to defend his all-black wardrobe and iTunes list of only classical or New Age music.


Jock: A refreshing reprieve from the guy whose main hobbies include drinking beer and playing video games, the Jock takes his fitness uber-seriously–to the point where you might have to compete with the gym for his attention. He will always look better than you because he works out for two hours before and after work, and he may even attempt to nudge you into becoming a gym rat yourself. His amped-up level of physical fitness may translate well in the bedroom, but forget about getting him to do fun activities that don’t involve bench pressing his body weight.


Boy next door: You meet new people all the time through work and social activities, but you always seem to fall for the guy who grew up down the block or who knows your Aunt Mildred. He’s nice and mostly has his act together, but he comes with the catch of knowing practically everyone you know and having the exact same background. If you crave stability and structure and plenty of Sunday night dinners at his parents’ house, than this guy is for you.


Self-righteous guy: His Friday nights resemble your grandma’s at the retirement home. He doesn’t drink, smoke or listen to music with curse words. You love that he’s moral and decent, but he’s forever scowling at you for dropping the F-bomb or having one too many martinis at the work happy hour. He probably attends church regularly, but has no desire to be a man of the cloth. Still, his conversation skills are lacking and his ‘tude reeks of condescension.

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