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Learning to find online romance

Finding love online is now a normal dating practice. Many singles take time at night to search, message, and browse their potential mates via the internet. Regardless of how the online relationship may end, they’re still trying.

If you’ve began to contemplate it yourself then what’s the harm? Go for it. Online dating isn’t just for losers and computer nerds. But there are some ways to do it right so you get the best results.

With so many singles on a quest to make a computer connection, there are a few rules to keep in mind. I don’t want you to be that dyslexic online dater without a clue, now. Do you? So I asked Dan Abelon, co-founder and love expert for, the world’s first online speed dating application, for his online-socializing tips to ensure your inbox stays full of online admirers, and quality ones at that.

Follow Abelon’s rules here:

Rule #1

Avoid the “Fauxtograph:” The “fauxtograph” is known as that oudated picture from years ago you claim is still you. Forget photoshop and your highschool year book photo. Choose a current image that not only shows your face but portrays your personality as well.


Rule #2

Go with Your Gut: Chemistry is key in online dating. Don’t waste time going back and forth with someone that you’re not connecting with. offers 3-minute speed dates, with the option to opt out of a dull date gracefully at any time. If you’re not feeling it, move on!


Rule #3

Show your Stuff: Skip the lengthy questionnaires typical to most online dating sites. Post interesting facts about yourself that will allow potential suitors with similar interests to learn more about you, without being bored to death by hum-drum details. allows users to cut to the chase with profile pages that take approximately five minutes to fill out and showcase users music, TV shows, movies and book favorites. Additionally, the Web site provides a section for singles to highlight fun information about themselves that they would like to share with other members.


Rule #4

Get Creative: Sure, you could just attach a string of meaningless numbers to your real name, but why not create a screen name that captures your personality? Some user names include FreshAndFrench, SalsaLover66 and SurferGuy.


Rule #5

Play the Numbers Game: Host to more than 120,000 dates per day, puts thousands of singles at your fingertips in no time. This is the game of love. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning are. Don’t get discouraged, it’ll get better and you’ll be proud you never gave up.


Rule #6

Start a Spark: The cyber flirt is all about witty conversation. Asking your potential love interest fun and unique questions lets him know that you want to get to know him/her. Can’t think of anything?’s “ice breakers” offer conversation starter questions to get the ball rolling such as “If you were a superhero, what super-power would you want to have?”


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