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Is Twitter destroying or enhancing your marriage?

Is Twitter destroying your marriage? Take this quiz to find out.

Quiz: Is Twitter destroying your marriage?

Question 1: You tweet your friends about everything you’re doing while you’re on your weekly “date night.”

Question 2: You take advantage of your guy doing the driving on errand-day to tweet your friends.

Question 3: You tweet your honey every 15 minutes to remind him of his doctor’s appointment, to pick up milk, to not be late for the kids’ school program.

Question 4: You don’t mark your reminder Tweets “private” so everyone in your Twitter circle (aka followers) knows exactly what a forgetful wus he is.

Question 5: By the time you sit down to dinner, you have nothing to say because you’ve already tweeted your guy every detail of your day and every last thought.

Quiz Results:

If you answered “yes” to more than one of the above, you’re in Twitter trouble! Even if you answered “yes” to just one, you are flirting with danger.

Twitter is a wonderful communication device. Yes, I tweet and love it. When you let it interfere with your time with your mate, however, Twitter becomes a minus, not a plus. Ditto when you tweet everything all day long to your mate, forgetting to save thoughts and goings-on for your face-to-face time.

How can Twitter be a marriage enhancer?

Tweet sexy or romantic thoughts — marked private, please! — to your guy.
There’s nothing like getting a “I’m hot for you, can’t wait to see you tonight!” tweet to get your man’s love-light burning.

Use Twitter to share.
When you’re together and you see or hear something you both think would be fun to share with mutual friends, create your tweet with your honey. Let him be part of your Twitter experience, not apart from it.

Create a protected, private Twitter account just for you and your man.
Use it to send quick thoughts, dreams and ideas back and forth to each other. Let it be a special place only the two of you share.

Used in this way, Twitter can bring you closer together, rather than drive a wedge between you.

Happy tweeting!

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