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Is his procrastination driving you crazy?

Yours is an orderly universe. Or at least it was until you married the love of your life.

His procrastination

You fill up your gas tank when it’s three-quarters empty. He waits until the little red light flashes and warning dings go off. You pay your bills on the 25th of each month. He races to catch the postal worker on the 31st, praying his payments will arrive by the first. You do the laundry twice a week so you and the kids are never out of clean socks, undies and other essentials. He waits until there are no more socks, undies, etc., that are even marginally clean and overstuffs the washing machine, groaning all the while.

It drives you absolutely crazy! Every time. Yet no matter how much you nag, harp and bitch, he doesn’t change his ways. He says he will, but as for the rest — you’re still waiting.

What to do about his procrastination

Notice that, even though your man procrastinates, he does take care of things in the end.

That’s good news. He just has a different way of handling things. Probably very few of his procrastinating behaviors are harmful to you or your family’s well being.

Deal with the one or two behaviors that could be harmful.

Say he doesn’t pay the bills on time, so you end up incurring late fees and damaging your credit score. Suggest, in a non-critical way, something like that because it’s easier for you to handle the bills, you’ll be happy to do so. Now you’re free of having to nag, and he’s free of being nagged — and no more avoidable late charges or dings on your credit report.

Let the rest go.

Love is too precious to turn it into resentment over laundry routines and gas tanks. You don’t need to do it all yourself, nor does it always need to be done your perfect way. As you relax your strict hold, you may find — surprise! — that your man procrastinates less.

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