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5 Ways to put the spark back in your sex life

If your relationship has settled into a spot where sex is not quite as sizzling as it used to be, take heart. You can get the spark back! Putting a little zest and romance back into your love life is easier than you think: just follow these tips and you’ll be wrestling between the sheets with your honey before you know it!

1. Pucker up

Remember the days when you and your boyfriend used to make out for hours and hours? Once we’re out of our teens, we tend to forget how fun and exciting a passionate make-out session can be – plus we run out of time for all that foreplay! But now kissing can also become routine or even bypassed altogether during foreplay. Commit to a solid make-out session, and see where it takes you.

2. Enjoy an aphrodisiac

There are tons of hot and spicy foods that are believed to make you sweaty and excitable, so make a meal of it! Chili, for example, contains Capsaicin, a substance that releases endorphins, stimulates nerve endings and increases your heart rate. Almonds are high in libido-boosting vitamin E, and goji berries have long been considered a potent sexual tonic in Asia.

3. Flirt

Flirting and teasing serves to build anticipation and generate a sense of urgency – and anticipation is the key to really saucy sex. That build up can contribute to more passionate lovemaking and a bigger, better release during sex. Send a flirty text, or fire off a kinky email — or simply whisper a suggestive come on in his ear at your next dinner party. He’ll be ready to go before you know it.

4. Make a date

Make sex a priority and give it the time and attention it deserves, rather than squeezing it in between folding the laundry and watching the late news. Scheduling a date isn’t all that spontaneous, but it does ensure that you make the time to connect and focus on each other without distractions. Besides, a romantic restaurant setting might be the perfect opportunity for you to drop a flirty bomb – like telling your lover that you’re sans underwear!

5. Buy some sexy stuff

Men go weak in the knees for a woman wearing high heels and not much else — but we’re really referring to top-drawer accessories of the battery-operated kind. Grab your partner and visit an adult store so you can shop for toys together! (That can count as your date night!)

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