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Natural feel-better fix-its

When it comes to your health, why would you put a bunch of chemicals in your body to try to make you feel better? Instead of reaching for an over-the-counter remedy, try these time-tested natural feel-better fix its!

Chicken soup

The best remedy for the common cold comes straight from Grandma’s stockpot! The warmth of chicken soup actually helps hasten the flow of mucus through the passages. It also seems to be a comfort food for many.

Fruit & Fibre

If you suffer from the occasional bout of constipation, adjust your diet to include more fibre-rich foods, up your fruit intake, drink more water, and take leisurely walks to get things running smoothly again!


Steam opens up pores and helps rid skin of the oil and dirt that can cause or aggravate acne. Whether you drape your head with a towel and hang it over a pot of boiling water, take a steamy shower, or even press a hot cloth to your face, give steam a chance to work it’s natural magic.

Epsom Salts

Soaking in a warm bath with about three cups of magnesium-loaded Epsom salts is the perfect way to treat aching or strained muscles. The salts with also draw out newly released lactic acids after a massage.

Olive Oil

A few drops of warm olive oil can alleviate an earache and it also works as a natural chapstick and is a great alternative since some can actually dry out the lips!

Warm Milk or Tea with Honey

Warm milk or tea with honey effectively soothes coughs and sore throat. It can also help you get to sleep and rest peacefully!


Ice can be used to treat bee stings! Once you’ve carefully removed the stinger with tweezers, apply some ice directly to the bee sting to cool the skin and ease the stinging pain – pun intended. The ice can also reduce swelling.


Avocado, which contains vitamins A, D and E, is a mega-moisturizer because of its high fat content. Apply a mashed avocado to dry skin to help hydrate and protect the skin. But take note: Avocado is toxic to pets.


Cranberry juice or concentrated cranberry capsules can help prevent bladder infections, which are caused by bacteria. A substance in the cranberry prevents infection-causing bacteria from attaching itself to the bladder wall.


Because it contains chlorophyll, an antiseptic, parsley can neutralize bad breath if you chew on it. It can also reduce gas and aid digestion.


Licorice root, which you can find at most health food stores, can be boiled to make a tea, which, when infused with honey, makes an excellent remedy for a persistent cough!

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