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Revitalize your sex life

Just because you are in a long-term relationship doesn’t mean sex has to fade into the background. Make sex an important part of your lives again with these simple tips.

If your sex life has gotten a little stale and boring, here are a few ways to spice up your sex life and get it back to steamy in no time.

Go in blind

Tie a silk scarf around your eyes, and another over your partner’s eyes. Now that you’ve both lost the ability to see each other, you’ll have to feel your way around.

Get textual

Send a racy text or email (not to his work email!) to your man while he’s at work, telling him what you plan to do to him that evening.

Stock your toy chest

If you don’t have a goody drawer stocked with sex toys, run – don’t walk! – to your closest adult store: you don’t know what you’re missing! Head straight to the counter and ask for starter-kit recommendations. If you’re uncomfortable about visiting an adult store, take a girlfriend or your partner with you, or better yet shop online for a totally private shopping experience.

Dive into the goody drawer

Women, bring your sex toys out of the closet and into the open bed. Vibrators, lubricants and other sexy accessories can help you spice things up in the bedroom with your partner. Make sure he understands the toys are there to enhance your experience with him, not replace him.

Play dress up

Walk into the bedroom sporting a pair of killer stilettos and a cascade of long blonde curls (if you’re usually a brunette) – and nothing else. You could also turn to the classic ‘French maid’ outfit, or shimmy into a matching bra and pantie set. Whatever works for you!


Don’t underestimate the power of a passionate pucker. Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do together, so don’t let it become habitual and whatever you do, don’t bypass the make-out portion of your foreplay! Commit to a solid make-out session, and take it from there.

Enjoy an aphrodisiac

Certain foods can turn up the heat in your mouth – and have other hot effects on other area of the body, so make a meal of it! Chilli releases endorphins, stimulates nerve endings and increases your heart rate; almonds are high in libido-boosting vitamin E; and goji berries have long been considered sexually potent throughout Asia.

Sneak in a quicky

Pump up the excitement level at your next family outing or boring party by sneaking away to the spare bedroom or bathroom. Sure, it may not be the most satisfying sex you’ll ever have, but the possibility of getting caught adds a new level of excitement!

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