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Tips to help you sleep tight

If you find yourself lying in bed unable to fall asleep or you are tossing and turning all night, we’ve got some tips to help you snuggle up and sleep tight!


Plan a good night’s sleep. If you have tons of thoughts flying around in your head, jot them down before you slip between the sheets so you can deal with them in the morning. Alternatively, deal with any issues away from your bedroom — such as your office or living area — so that you boudoir remains a place of solitude, peace and rest.

Ban liquids before bed

If you polish off a bottle of water just before bed, you’re going to need to visit the toilet throughout the evening – it’s just common sense. Experts suggest that you limit your liquids at least couple of hours before you go to bed.

Dim the lights

Dr Mehmet Oz recommends that you dim the lights an hour before bed, therefore creating a false sunset that tricks your brain into getting tired. Sneaky!

Hit the gym

Regular exercise can help your body achieve a deeper, more restful sleep, but it’s best to exercise long before you hit the hay — as vigorous movements can also keep you awake!

Go caffeine free

Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated beverages for at least two hours before bedtime. They can prevent you from getting to sleep or cause you to stir once you do nod off.


Sex is a great way to help the body transition into sleep mode — just try to avoid drifting off mid-sack session!


Death metal or heavy hip-hop may not send you off into the land of nod, but a soothing soundtrack can work wonders to help your mind and body to relax.

Hot shower

A hot shower not only increases circulation, rejuvenates your body and relieves stress, but it also raises your body temperature — and when you raise your body temperature late in the evening, it falls again at bedtime, facilitating sleep!

Warm socks

Your feet get cold more easily than other parts of your body, so keep your toes toasty warm with a pair of socks to help prevent overnight awakenings.

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