Leave your anxieties in the dust

There are certain situations in life that most people might find anxiety-inducing, but it’s time to leave your anxieties behind! Overcoming anxiety can be challenging and there is no quick-fix solution. But there are things you can do to help minimise the impact it has on your life.

Do your homework about your anxiety

Getting a better understanding of your anxiety will help you to figure out why it makes you feel the way it does. By tackling it head on you’ll gain knowledge and understanding and you’ll also connect with other people who share similar experiences.

Set goals

Write a list of the goals and work towards achieving them. This will divert your thoughts away from your anxieties and helps you to focus on the goal at hand.

Say 10

You need to step back from the situation that is making you feel anxious to allow yourself some clarity. Take a deep breath, count calmly to 10 and start fresh.


At the beginning of each day, tell yourself how you’d like your life to be, and mentally map out the changes you could make to make that life a reality. Affirmations are best done in the morning before you face the day so you can work to overcome each hurdle as it approaches.

Sounding board

Talk to a friend or family member that you really trust about your anxieties. With them, you can discuss challenges and share your concerns; sometimes a friendly ear will go a long way.

Break a sweat

Aim to take a walk, jog or ride a bike at least every other day. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you give yourself some time to get some fresh air and clear your head.

See your doctor

Don’t be afraid to see your doctor about your anxiety. It is one of the most common ailments on the planet and doctors are accustomed to dealing with patients in your situation every day of the week.

Jot it down

In order to work out what is triggering the anxiety, keep a journal handy so you can record your feelings, thoughts and your environment when something happens. Afterwards, you can look for patterns in your behaviour.

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