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What your underwear says about your personality

Do you drool over the contents of a Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog, or do you make a beeline for granny panties at the discount department store? You may be surprised to learn what your undie-attitude says about your personality. Read on for the revealing truth…

t-shirt braTop it off

If you’ve ever stumbled on a Montgomery Ward catalog from the 50s, you know that bras and their corset cousins were nothing short of torture devices. Isn’t it great to be a gal in the 21st century with more bra choices than we can shake a B-cup at? Here is what your bra choice says about you: 

Full cup or t-shirt bra

If you have more full-cup or t-shirt bras in your drawer than not, you are likely a low maintenance gal who places comfort at the top of your lingerie-list criteria. You are likely a somewhat active girl, and you may very well lean toward artistic pursuits, where you feel wearing a t-shirt bra is better than not wearing one at all, which is what you’d really like to do.

demi bra

Demi cup or push-up bra

Demi cup and push-up bras put the girls up front and center. If you gravitate to this style, there’s a good chance you’re trying to make the best of what Momma gave you. You may also tend to have an optimistic and perhaps slightly competitive persona. You’re making the best of what you’ve been given, and in the immortal words of Elaine from Seinfeld, you have a desire to put “a**es in the seats.” Why should all the big-chested girls have the corner market on fun?



Corsets have come a long way from their punitive and primitive origins. What was once used to suck in all our innards is now used as a seductive piece of bedroom “active” wear. If you cinch up in a corset occasionally you likely tend to be a bit playful. You are also probably a pleaser. You know that guys are visually stimulated, and you’re more than happy to accommodate.

lacy bra

Lacy bra

If lacy bras are a staple for you, it says that you like being a girl and all the benefits that comes with that. You may also be very detail oriented, and choosy about your accessories from top to bottom. Lacy bras also may suggest that you have a bit of dual personality. You may project “soccer mom” to the rest of the world, but when that sweatshirt comes of at night, you have an opportunity to showcase your inner diva.

Knowing your knickers

To every up there is a down and to every top there is a bottom. Here is what your unmentionables say about you:

briefsBriefs (aka granny panties)

There’s a reason that in today’s world of undergarment choices, briefs are still a front runner. They are comfortable and offer sufficient coverage. If briefs are your thing, you probably lean to the practical. You have likely tried thongs and smaller skivvies, but come back to your old stand-by briefs. They don’t cut, they don’t bind and you prefer the effortlessness of granny panties over feeling like you have a piece of dental floss lodged in places not meant for dental floss.

boy shortsBoy shorts

Boy shorts for girls appeal to women who are a bit of a hybrid. You like the comfort and coverage of boy shorts, but you also like that they are cut a little sexier than underwear that hitches up under you neck and falls to the backs of your knees. You are probably a bit of a Tomboy too. You drink beer, belch, watch Monday night football and think toilet humor is funny. Rest assured if you are this kind of girl, you are at least or more desirable to men than the women who wear a…

g-stringG-string and v-string

When they first appeared on the scene, g-strings initially made many of us think, “You want me to pay how much for just a couple inches of material that I’m going to have to pick out of my backside all day?” Naturally, we came to realize that g-strings alleviate the very unflattering panty-line. While most of us own a couple go-to pairs for that reason, if you wear these exclusively you tend to be confident and hip. You more than likely probably have a great booty too, because this style is not for everyone.

bikini underwearBikini

Bikinis are a nice mix of fashion and comfort. If you stock up on bikinis whenever you find them on sale, you are likely the kind of girl that subscribes to the notion that being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to look like a nun. Bikinis are sort of the mullet of underwear, in reverse: business in the back, party in the front. Much like Marie Osmond, you are probably a little bit country and little bit rock-n-roll.

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