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The iPod wedding reception

Nothing gets a party started and sets a tone for a wedding reception like the right music. One controversial idea that’s been sweeping the bridal blogs and comment boards at is the iPod reception. Knowing what kind of wedding reception you both want will help you decide if an iPod reception is right for you.

Friends dancing at wedding

Are you having a big wedding?

Even if music is not that important to you, you need some sort of live entertainment if you’re hosting a lot of people or are having a reception in a large space. Whether a DJ or a band, you need someone who can keep an eye on things and make sure that everyone is having a good time. Professional bandleaders and DJs are great at reading the mood of the room and adjusting the music to turn up or down the heat.

Do you love music?

If you own a lot of music, paying someone else to program the music for your wedding may seem like a waste of money. The truth is, the more you love music and the more music you own, the better off you’ll be hiring a professional. If you have strong feelings about music, they actually may get in the way of creating a playlist that works well for the rest of your guests. Similarly, picking only one or two hours’ worth of music may be hard for you.

Not so big on the dancing?

If you don’t like to dance and you don’t think most of your guests do either, then why provide dancing music? You can still have a first dance, father/daughter dance and any other traditional dance you want — just program them on your iPod. For the rest of the reception, program music that encourages conversation and mingling.

A step in between

If you’ve decided that you really don’t need a DJ or band, but still aren’t sure if you want to spend hours programming your iPod, there are now services that will do the work for you. For example, you can send your iPod to Audiostiles with instructions, and the company will send it back ready to go. You also could turn the task over to a musically inclined friend or relative (with strict instructions, of course).

While you may decide that an iPod reception is the way to go, don’t forget that you’ll still be pretty busy on your wedding day. Put a friend in charge of all things music, and make sure she discusses any technical issues with the venue long before your wedding day.

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