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Should you do a boudoir photo shoot?

First came wedding photos, then engagement photos, then came high fashion engagement photo shoots. The newest trend is the boudoir photo shoot. A boudoir photo shoot gives brides to be a chance to play glamour girl. Boudoir photo shoots feature the bride in lingerie and somewhat sexy poses.

Budoir Photos

The cost

The obvious downside of a boudoir photo shoot is the cost. Boudoir shoots cost hundreds of dollars (depending on your location and package) for the photographs alone, there’s also the cost of the lingerie and possible charges if you want professional hair and makeup. That’s a lot of money for something that only you and your fiancé will see. Unlike your wedding photographs that will be shared with friends and family for years, these photographs will most likely stay hidden.

keeping your privacy

The other downside is a little less pleasant to think about. What happens if you and your beloved ever part ways? While most boudoir shoots are tasteful, very few people are comfortable with the idea of photos of themselves in a bra being circulated by a disgruntled ex. The same way that you never want to write anything in an email that you don’t want made public, there’s always a risk when you commit something to film.

remembering the positive

On the positive side, as women we’re always surrounded by images of “the ideal woman.” It can be hard to see ourselves as beautiful, sexy beings. That feeling only grows as you get older and have kids. Many new moms have a hard time reconnecting with their sexual sides, and that can often take a toll on a marriage. Having photos like these around can remind you and your husband of life before kids, late night feedings and stretch marks!

Sexy secret

Even wedding planning can take a toll on your sense of who you are. Having a sexy secret like a boudoir photo shoot can take some of the stress and tension away from the scary idea of the ways your life is about to change. A boudoir photo shoot can help you get in touch with yourself as you embark on this major life event.

Tips to get started

If you do decide to go for this romantic and sexy idea, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind. For starters, make sure to hire a photographer you trust. Make sure you’ve seen plenty of photographs and that the photographer suits your style. Of course you should use ratings and reviews (on sites like but you should also check with your local better business bureau before choosing a photographer. Once you’ve chosen a photographer, make sure you’re completely comfortable with him or her. If at any point you feel even a little uneasy, remember that you’re always free to end the shoot and leave.

Make sure to talk to your photographer ahead of time and share ideas about what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable, body parts you like and those that you aren’t so happy about. Remember the goal is to create a lasting image of you at your sexiest, not to force yourself into an uncomfortable situation.

Photo Courtesy of Molly Marie Photography, Eau Claire, Wisconsin


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