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48 Hours without the kids! Now what?

Ohhh, you have a weekend babysitter lined up! Here are a few ideas to get you inspired for your no-kids-allowed weekend. No matter what or where you choose, remember that the goal is to reconnect and recharge. You deserve it!

Couple on cruise

Just the two of you

Whether Grandma and Grandpa gifted you a get outta jail free card, you won a weekend nanny at a raffle or you’ve finally decided your eldest child probably won’t burn the house down taking care of the little ones, around the corner is a kid-free weekend. Hallelujah! But what are you going to do with yourselves? Cher probably had a hit single more recently than you and your honey had 48-hours alone together, so you better make the most of it. Here are six ways to make it happen.


1Honeymoon re-enactment

If your honeymoon was a destination not far from home, revisit it for a quick marriage reboost. Transporting yourselves back to the day before the kid chaos will reignite the passion between you two. Bring along your vows and re-read them… and don’t forget to recreate your first night of marriage!

2Bite the Big Apple!

Manhattan is a grown-ups town and the easiest way to detox from your chicken nuggets, Disney movie marathon, 10pm bedtime life. While there, indulge in gourmet food, take in the theater, stay out into the wee hours of the night at a posh piano bar, treat yourself to something overpriced on Madison Avenue and by all means definitely stay in a lap of luxury hotel.

3Cruisin’ the sea

There are lots of weekend cruising opportunities, particularly if you live in a coastal city, so pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and get ready for some poolside relaxation, mind-blowing buffets and whimsical entertainment all aboard the high seas.

4Adventure to who knows where?

Nothing reignites the sparks between two lovers like spontaneity, so pack a light suitcase and a cooler (map is optional) and just hit the road to a destination unknown. Make a game of it by taking turns choosing which direction to go. Let the wind of the road lead your hearts to a place undiscovered and check into a motel or B&B that just feels right. Explore and hit the road to a new place for the next night or hunker in for the whole weekend.

5Weekend groupie

Remember the days when you’d travel to see your favorite band? Resurrect that rock n’ roll passion and travel to see a favorite mutual band perform in a different city or two. Or if sports is more your thing, follow a favorite team.


Nothing offers quality time for two better than when you shack up and throw away the key for a couple of days. Eliminating outside distraction will allow you and your husband time to refocus on each other, uninterrupted. Stock up on favorite foods. Play games, (innocent and otherwise). Take naps. Just enjoy being with each other all over again.

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