8 Fitness must-haves for summer

From the confidence-boosting book Look Better Naked! by Women’s Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko to Jack Black’s line of performance skin care products, we’ve got a few summer fitness must-haves that no workout gal should be without.

Fitness must-haves

1. Look Better Naked!

Comfortable and confident are two adjectives that women rarely use when describing how they feel naked — until now. From Michele Promaulayko, the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine, comes a book written to help women achieve body confidence while totally in-the-buff and certainly while clad in skin-baring summer wear. Look Better Naked! The 6-Week Plan to Your Leanest, Hottest Body—Ever! (Rodale, April 2010) arms women with the expert fitness, diet and beauty advice they need to achieve their beautiful body goals. Since a positive mindset is as crucial to body-contentment as a toned tummy, this book focuses equally on the mental and physical components of exuding confidence – an important premise that no other book has tackled. Look Better Naked! gives you everything you need to feel and look your best for summer and all year round.

Look Better Naked

Available: www.Amazon.com
Price: $26

2. GymBoss

Whether at home doing Pilates or yoga, at the gym lifting weights or out for a run, you can control the duration, intensity and pace of your workout with the Gymboss interval timer, a pager-size device that can be clipped to your waistband and easily programmed for repeat intervals. The Gymboss will vibrate or beep at the end of each interval, eliminating the need to check your watch or clock, so you can focus on your workout and not the time. Research shows high-intensity interval training is more effective than normal exercise, and this high tech trainer will help you reach your fitness goals faster, fitter and stronger.


Available: www.Gymboss.com (in pink, silver or slate)
Price: $20

3. Tap&Track

One of the most convenient high tech ways to monitor your food and fitness is the Tap&Track (available at iTunes.com), a calorie, weight and exercise tracker app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that calculates your basal metabolic needs based on your gender, age, weight, height and activity, then lets you set your diet and fitness goals, records calories consumed through food (the food database has over 120,000 food items, including brand names and restaurants), tracks calories burned through exercise, and provides user-friendly graphs and reports. Best yet, this handy fitness application works offline so you can update it anywhere, anytime.


Available: www.iTunes.com
Price: $3.99

4. Shoewallet

The Shoewallet is ideal for the runner or powerwalker who likes to pound out a few miles then stop for coffee and few items at the store (no purse necessary). The Shoewallet, which securely attaches to your shoe, can hold a housekey, $20 bill, ID, and a credit card while keeping your hands free as you exercise. You can also put the nifty gadget in your pocket or purse or strap it to your belt.


Available: www.Shoewallet.com
Price: $10

5. Teez-Her Skinny Shaper Tank

Whether you are still losing a baby belly or haven’t had the slimming results you’d anticipated from your summer fitness plan, the Skinny Shaper Tank from Teez-Her will slim your waistline while being kind to your bottom line. The Skinny Shaper Tank and the rest of Teez-Her’s line of body shaping attire will smooth out the body’s bulges without draining your wallet. The Skinny Tank can be worn as a beach-worthy tank or layered under clothing, all for about half the price of other popular body shape wear brands.

Teez-Her Skinny Shaper Tank

Available: www.TeezHer.com
Price: $32

6. ZeroWater

Both hard core athletes and recreational exercisers need to up their hydration when the temperatures start to rise. Drinking high quality, clean water is one more way to stay fit and on top of your game. ZeroWater, a top selling water filtration system that uses patented 5-stage ion-exchange filter, actually takes out all the contaminants from your drinking water, even providing a water tester to prove that its filters will purify your water down to 000 disolved solids (hence, “Zero” Water). Not only will you get great tasting, pure water, you’ll also save money and the environment by not buying bottle after plastic bottle of water.


Available: Visit www.ZeroWater.com to find retailers near you.
Price: $35

7. Jack Black’s Body Rehab scrub & Muscle Soak

After those hard runs on the sand or a day of serious rock climbing, soothe your tired, sore muscles with Jack Black’s Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak, a powerful combination of organic exfoliating salts and essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, and arnica, that naturally loosens knots, increases circulation, and decreases aches. As a bonus, it removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell turnover revealing healthier looking skin, and leaves your body feeling ultra soft and smooth. The Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak is just one of many fitness-based performance skin care products from Jack Black; other must-have products include Turbo Wash Cleanser, Dry Goods Friction Free Powder, and Oil Free Sun Guard with SPF 45.

Jack Black's Body Rehab and Muscle Soak

Available: www.GetJackBlack.com
Price:  $35 for 12-ounce jar

8. Lady Speed Stick Stainguard

Summer means bright whites on the tennis court and wearing your favorite light-colored tanks during your beach volleyball games. It also means yellow underarm stains caused by sweat, soil, and antiperspirant ingredients. The new Lady Speed Stick Stainguard with Stain Defense technology allows your body to comfortably soak up the summer rays without having to worry about unsightly yellow pit stains on your favorite summer workout wear (and casual wear!). In addition to the specially formulated yellow stain defense technology, Lady Speed Stick Stainguard also fights white residue and provides 24-hour protection from odor and wetness.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard

Available: Mass merchandising, grocery and drug retail stores nationwide
Price: $3

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