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Tuxedo shopping tips for grooms (and brides)

We all know that the days where all a groom had to do was show up and look good are long over, but the truth remains that the groom still has to show up and look good! He doesn’t face the same pressure as the bride and her wedding dress, but he also doesn’t want to make her look bad. Here are some tips for you and your groom to consider before he goes shopping.


Buy Your Dress First

Before sending your guy to look for a suit or tux, you should have your dress, and possibly your bridesmaids’ dresses. Your dress sets the tone for the rest of the bridal party’s clothing. You may start off your wedding dress shopping thinking you’re going to get one type of dress, only to discover that the wedding dress you fall in love with is totally different. If you come back with a less formal wedding dress than you thought you would buy, the two of you may decide that he should wear a suit, not a tuxedo.

You’ll also want to get your dress first because his haberdasher (fancy word for person who makes or sells him a suit) will ask him what color your dress is. If your dress is white, he’ll want a white shirt, not an ivory one and vice versa. Your bridesmaids’ dresses are also important if you want to make sure that his tie and shirt choices don’t clash with the girls.

Tuxedo vs. Suit

Technically, the only difference between a tuxedo and a dark suit is that a tuxedo has a shiny stripe down the legs, and on the lapels. If you have any budget concerns (and who doesn’t) a fancy, high quality dark suit may be a better choice for him. It’s not that it will necessarily cost less than the tuxedo, but he’ll be able to wear it more than once. If you divide the cost of a suit by the number of times he’s going to wear it, it may come out to be less expensive than renting a tux.

Don’t Cross the Comfort Zone

I know a groom who has a great story about his red-velvet, wedding suit and how he bought it in part because the musician Seal thought he looked great in it. Here’s the thing though, that groom is the kind of guy that shops in the same stores as Seal. If your groom isn’t a rock star, don’t try and dress him like one. The most important thing is that he feels comfortable in his wedding outfit.

Bring the Socks

This probably sounds pretty silly, but you know how if you try on a pair of heels with socks they don’t fit right? Well, the same is true of guy’s shoes. Guy’s dress shoes are supposed to be worn with dress socks, they’re slightly thinner than regular socks. The really silly thing, your guy may not know this. After all, guys can manage to get away with a lot fewer shoes than women, so he may not actually own a pair of real dress shoes, just a pair of black shoes he wears with his work suit.

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