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Wedding dress trends

At we see a lot of beautiful wedding dresses, and after a while we start to notice a few trends. The strapless wedding dress isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but a new style is quickly catching up: The asymmetrical neckline.

What is an asymmetrical neckline? It’s exactly what it sounds like, a wedding dress that is strapless on one side, but has a strap, or even a sleeve on the other. Why? While strapless dresses can be elegant and flattering, they aren’t for everyone. Heavier brides sometimes feel a little “squished” in a strapless dress, while those with narrow rib cages and shoulders can feel a little over-exposed.

Women who are not used to wearing a strapless dress can also feel insecure with no support. A strapless dress is elegant, but not if you spend your entire wedding hiking it up.

Asymmetrical necklines can be dramatic, such as this one from Vera Wang (left), or they can be subtler such as this one from San Patrick (right).

Vera WangeSan Patrick

Moonlight Sometimes, the asymmetrical look is carried throughout the dress such as in this one from Moonlight where the strap appears to circle the entire dress.






Asymmetrical wedding dress looks can be casual and modern, such as this one from White One/W1, or they can be part of a more classic silhouette such as this Grecian Goddess gown from Vera Wang or this Princess ball-gown from Alan Hannah.

White OneGrecian Goddess gown from Vera WangPrincess ball-gown from Alan Hannah

It’s not a look for everyone, but if you’re interested in a unique wedding-day look, consider an asymmetrical neckline.

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