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Unusual wedding ideas

One of the great things about writing for a wedding website like is that people are constantly sharing pictures of beautiful dresses, flowers, and locations with you. Plus, occasionally you get free samples of things like wine and chocolate. Of course, you also get pitched some pretty unusual ideas. Now, every wedding is different, and one person’s “huh?” is another’s “oh, yeah,” so there’s no judgment on my part, I’m just saying, I found these ideas “unusual.”

The best wedding chappel

Church on Wheels

Instead of going to the chapel, The Best Wedding Chapel in Shelbyville, Illinois brings the chapel to you. That’s right, although there is a chapel in Shelbyville, if you’re not there, they’ll come in their adorable wedding chapel car and perform the wedding anywhere you want.

Stuff Your Face, While You Eat It?

Looking for a unique Save the Date idea? What about an edible picture of you and your fiancé? Chocolate Diamond Bark is a specially created blend of milk and dark chocolate, decorated with rock candy (the diamond in the name) and a completely edible photograph of you and your honey.

Cheese Cake

No, I don’t mean cheesecake, I mean a cake that looks like a wedding cake, only it’s made completely out of cheese. Not sweet ricotta and marscapone, like cheesecake, but regular cheese like Gouda, Cheddar, and Swiss.

The Rack Trap

We all do it, we don’t feel like carrying a purse, we’re wearing a dress, we just tuck our i.d. and a $20 into our bra. Well, now The Rack Trap has created a small pocket for you to use instead. The pocket fits neatly into your bra cup. Not sure how many brides need to have their i.d’s on their wedding day, but you never know.

Shapewear for Men

I know this is sexist and hypocritical of me, but as much as I love my shapewear, I just have a hard time recommending that guys buy special underwear to give them a slimmer silhouette on their wedding day. Similarly, Lift Kits offers shoe inserts for grooms who feel insecure about their height on their wedding day. At five feet tall, I like a pair of heels, but I’m not sure my 5’9″ husband needs them.

On the Cover of Your Own Magazine

Billed as a cross between a wedding program, a wedding website, and a welcome letter the Wedzine is like your own personal magazine. You can include information about things to do around town, a schedule of events, your bios, messages from friends and family, whatever you want. All the bits are put together and bound in a professional-looking magazine for you and your guests to save as a souvenir.

“Personal” Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Instead of giving your bridesmaids the traditional earrings, or necklace, or a gift certificate for a manicure, why not give them the gift that keeps on giving, a vibrator. At, we’ve received not one, but two pitches from separate companies asking us to promote this idea. Hey, it’s a fine idea, but what exactly would we use to illustrate the article?

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