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How to keep fit in the city

Woman lifting weights

Exercising indoors

If it’s hard to exercise outside or get to the gym because of the kids, weather, cost, or time constraints, try the following low cost exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own living room anytime of the day.

Weight training – use plastic bottles filled with water, sand, or rice.

Floor exercises – sit ups, push-ups, squat thrusts and star jumps.

Step aerobics – step up and down the bottom two steps of the stairs, or walk up and down the stairs one or two at a time.

Juggling – use any three small objects of similar sizes and weights, such as balls or oranges, or even eggs if you are feeling brave, to improve your coordination, balance and core strength!

Balance exercises – start with one foot just lifted off the floor (using arms for balance and starting at a spot on the wall at eye level can help), and then try lifting your foot higher and further behind, or up in front or to the side. Close your eyes to make it harder.

Skipping – this is a great aerobic exercise if you have high enough ceilings.

Dancing – put some music on the radio, television, or mp3 player and get dancing, the faster and more energetic the better.

Hula hooping – it’s not just for kids. Gyrate away for as long as you can, and add an extra hoop when you get good.

Exercise videos and DVDs – there are plenty of fitness DVDs, ranging from yoga, boot camp, kickboxing and dance. Choose a different type of workout every day.

Housework – though it’s tedious, housework is also good exercise, and thinking of it as a workout might make the time go faster.

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