Bilateral Wilm’s tumor: Rachel’s story

When 3-year-old Rachel was diagnosed with cancer in October 2007, her biggest concern was that she had to wear a hospital gown.

RachelAfter experiencing unexplainable fevers and stomach discomfort, Rachel was diagnosed with bilateral Wilm’s tumor—a tumor in each of her kidneys. The tumor in Rachel’s right kidney consumed 75 percent of the organ. Ten weeks of chemotherapy caused the tumor in her right kidney to shrink enough to be surgically removed and as a result, both kidneys were saved. In April 2008, the talented medical team at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center were confident the cancer was gone entirely.

“Rachel conquered her cancer after her first week in the hospital. Since the beginning of her treatment, if it was not for losing her hair, you would not know that she was sick,” said her mom. “And she never wore a hospital gown!”

Today, this free-spirited 5-year-old loves tree frogs and wants to make a zoo in her backyard.?


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