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7 Things married women don’t miss about being single

Being a single lady has its perks. You can watch a Sex & the City marathon without being mocked. There’s no risk of falling into a toilet because the seat’s up. And you can spend two hours plucking your eyebrows, while wearing a fluorescent blue face mask, and know one has to know. But when you meet Mr. Right and merge your lives into one happy abode, there are plenty of things you’ll quickly realize you don’t miss at all about flying solo.

Woman on bad blind date

 1. “i’ll call you! (not)”

New relationships can be full of excitement and possibility. However, no sane woman misses the torture of anxiously checking her cell phone, waiting for a guy to call or text. Now your B-berry can be used for more important things, like BBMing him to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home.

2. the d-bag alert

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner with a total stranger, dressed head to toe in corduroy with “mommy issues” (which he’s all too eager to share). Now when you go out to eat with your man, you never have to plan an “escape route.”

3. cleaning the house by yourself

Tackling those at-home chores can be a full-day affair when you’re on your own. For some (very) lucky ladies, getting married comes with a real-life Mr. Clean. When you have a partner in crime, household tasks take half the time. (Guys look so cute when they’re Swiffering, don’t they?)

4. Cooking dinner for uno

The easiest meals to make for one come from the freezer section. You’re much more inclined to cook something yummy when it can serve two, not wind up sitting in your fridge for the rest of the week untouched.

5. Being part of the meat market

In a crowded bar with more hair gel than booze, meeting a nice, normal guy is like finding a needle in a haystack. When you find The One, you don’t have to worry about some creep saying, “Just call me Milk. I’ll do your body good.” (That’s enough to make anyone lactose intolerant…)

6. eating like a woodland creature

For some ridiculous reason, many women order a side salad, pick at it, and then say they’re full on the first few dates. But once you’re in a serious relationship, you feel a lot more comfortable getting down ‘n’ dirty with a messy plate of ribs… or digging into a huge bowl of pasta. Go to town, girlfriend!

7. no one to blame for the leaky faucet

Even though you can change a light bulb, hang a picture and unclog a toilet like the best of ’em, if it has the potential to ruin your manicure or your new shirt, now you can just leave it to him!

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