Rhabdomyosarcoma: Bailey’s story

Bailey, 9, is a bit of an Internet star. His family’s YouTube channel chronicles Bailey’s fight against rhabdomyosarcoma.

Some videos have been seen by thousands of people, most likely because his gregarious personality is so irresistible and he spreads a message of hope.

In April 2006, shortly after Bailey’s fifth birthday, he was diagnosed with cancer. His aggressive treatments, however, didn’t stop the cancer from coming back just a month after he finished chemo and radiation. Almost immediately he went back into chemotherapy. He finished this round in May 2009 and, along with his family, is living life without regrets.

With that said, cancer hasn’t dampened Bailey’s energetic spirit. In fact, nurses said he acted so “super” during his treatments that they called him “SuperBay.”

He has turned Children’s Hospital Orange County into a second home, making his nurses and doctors a second family, and he has positively touched thousands of lives by spreading his message of hope.


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