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You had sex where?!

As the temperature outside rises, apparently so do our libidos! And sometimes location is in the way, forcing us to disregard where we are and release our sexual tension wherever the mood strikes us, in spite of there being a chance we might get caught. Here, straight from the archives of guys and girls across the country, details on their best outdoor sexcapades, which will hopefully, in turn, inspire you unleash your inner exhibitionist and create your own naughty tales of outdoor sweaty sexual satisfaction. Here’s to having a little X-rated fun in the sun!


“It was Mother’s Day and my boyfriend and I took my Mom wine tasting to a charming little vineyard. While she indulged in the fruit of the Gods inside at the tasting bar, we slipped away into the grapevines for a different kind of natural healing.” – Cara, 32, Seattle


“Once upon a time I had sex on my elderly neighbor’s roof. I thought she was out of town, but lo and behold, the next day she asked me to come over and check her attic for rodents, claiming she heard noises the night before!” – Alex, 24, New York


“On a visit back home for a summer vacation, I took my husband on a tour of meaningful childhood places. We visited the public pool and wound up sneaking in, first having sex on the lounge chairs and then in the actual pool. Not exactly how I remember my childhood days at the rec center!” – Marisa, 35, Chicago


“When I was a kid, I dreamed of being the first women’s baseball player. I loved everything about the sport. One night I was walking past an old minor league field with a guy I was dating and had the idea to jump the fence. We did and ended up having sex in the dugout. We got caught after we finished, but it was unbelievably exhilarating – talk about a homerun!” – Haley, 31, Minneapolis


“As a native New Yorker, one of my favorite pastimes is walking the bridges. Late one night, after a great time out barhopping I decided to walk back home to Queens. It was about 5 a.m. and as I was walking I called the guy I was seeing and asked him to meet me halfway so we could grab breakfast. We met on the bridge and something came over me – I just had to have him! I made love to him right then and there on the bridge. It was amazing! A few cars drove by and honked – what a show for them!” – Serene, 28, New York


“Ocean sex is great, but it turns out is less great when you are not welcome. My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico. The resort next to ours was a nudist resort. We ventured over to it and as we were delighting in our fun in their ocean zone, a pair of naked security guards wearing only security guard hats instructed us to leave the premises. Talk about a buzzkill!” – Teresa, 33, Malibu


“No doubt about it, the best and wildest outdoor sex I’ve had has been on a golf course – mostly because I love golf. Now every time I play that particular course and specifically the hole near where I’ve had sex, I have fond memories, and I swear I play better.” – Matt, 39, Charlotte


“As a guy from the Midwest, doing it in the snow is pretty typical and on a sled is very cute, not to mention not the easiest feat, so you pretty much feel like the man. What makes my sled-in-the-snow story so spectacular, though, is the location of the act – right outside of my daddy’s church!” – John, 39, Detroit


“My neighbors were out of town and they had a too-tempting-not-to-use-it hot tub. I invited a couple of girls over and one thing led to another and next thing you know, we were having a threesome. I had nothing to worry about, or so I thought, until out came the lady of the house. She had come back early. She was so upset she not only rightfully kicked us out of her hot tub, she also called the cops. I moved out within two weeks, but lucky for me, I got a place with my own hot tub.” – Sammy, 34, Chicago


“My then girlfriend, now wife, and I were hiking Joshua Tree. It was the middle of the day, and it was the most spectacular place either of us had ever been. We were taking in the view atop of an enormous rock and the moment just took us — our clothes. It was definitely the best sexual experience I’d ever had.” – Chris, 36, Atlanta


“My girlfriend loves the park. She is a total kid at heart. One night, though, my innocent girlfriend turned naughty. We had sex all over the park – on the slide, the jungle gym (bruises well worth it) and the picnic table. The best part was ending it with a short nap under the stars.” – Jared, 27, Portland


“When I was in high school my girlfriend and I were very limited in our options for places to have sex. Once we snuck into a house that was being built to do it, but learned quickly that we should have brought a blanket because both of us – her more so – were attacked by splinters.” – Jeff, 28, New York


“I set out on a mission to have sex in all of my neighbors’ backyards. So far, I’ve done the deed in 7 out of 12 and haven’t been caught once! I’ve created a whole new meaning for ‘walk of shame’ at our block parties.” – Janine, 29, Kansas City

next to some polar bears

“I’ve been obsessed with the zoo for as long as I can remember and on my 25th birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip there. It was the perfect day, and I thought what would make it even more perfect would be to have sex there. We found a hidden place behind the polar bear oasis and got down to business, but not five minutes into our fun, did a few zookeepers show up – apparently our sex destination was a go-to place for them to sneak smoke breaks.” – Lisa, 33, Los Angeles

in the middle of a college campus

Ewwwww! This poor girl ran into a couple doing the nasty on her way to class. Here’s her (unfortunate) story:

Where’s the strangest place you had sex? Comment below.

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