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10 Rules for bridezillas

This may come as news to you, but your wedding day is not the one day of your life where you’re allowed to become a screaming, demanding shrew. You’ll have the rest of your married life to be that way. Your wedding day is a celebration and demonstration of love and commitment to your partner. While stress and anxiety is part and parcel of the wedding process, this does not give you the right to abuse everyone around you. They’ll wish they’d saved the $100 on your wedding gift and gone to In & Out instead. To avoid the often irreparable damage that comes with demonic possession, add these items to your day planner, right along side your ‘Thank You’ list.

1Calm the heck down

So you’re engaged. Congratulations! A new chapter in your life is about to start. Let’s make sure this story has a truly happy ending.

First things first: Calm the heck down, sister. The world is not stopping because of the boulder on your left hand. While you’re contemplating matrimony and table settings, everyone else is living out their lives. So take a deep breath. And as you’re snapping up wedding mags and color swatches, remind yourself of why you’re really here. You’re in love and ready to join your life with another.

Do remember to have fun. Do remember to enjoy this time. It’s a time of love and roses — of rainbows and sunbeams. Your true love wants to marry you and you’ll finally get to wear a ball gown without it being Halloween. But don’t let the chaos and excitement turn you into a order-spewing, nail-biting and drama-loving lace covered cupcake from hell.

2Say please & thank you

That’s right. These crucial first-grade lessons don’t end because you’ve developed breasts. You still have to convey gratitude and respect to those around you, especially the people trying to help you.

From the person asking for your hand in marriage, to the driver of the getaway car, you say “please” and “thank you.” You have no idea how far this will take you.

Everyone in the wedding profession expects brides to be demanding, stressed out and spoiled. They expect abuse and quite often, the quality of their services will reflect how badly they’re being treated. So instead of taking those extra flowers for granted, or dismissing the “Have a nice day” you just received from your caterer, you say “Thank you so much for your assistance today.” Instead of, “I want, I want, I want,” you say, “I’d like purple instead of green, please. Thank you.” Say “thank you” after someone holds the door, when someone compliments your dress, when someone remembers your keys. You’d be surprised how positive people respond to you when you’re kind to them.

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