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10 Chick flicks that never get old

When the weather hits escalated temps that could fry an egg on the ground, it’s time to take the fun inside! Spend the sizzling summer evenings inside with your honey or girlfriends, watching these 10 timeless chick flicks. Sigh…


Grease is the epitome of teen romance. The feel-good summer love musical can’t help but make us reminisce about those high school days — we totally wanted to be a Pink Lady. Who can resist the attraction between sexy yet prudent Sandy and hotter than fire Danny? Get swept away by the dynamic duo’s melodic affection with favorites like “You’re the One that I Want” and “Summer Lovin'” in this infectious summertime movie. Check out the original trailer from 1978!


Based on Jane Austen’s 19th-century novel, Pride and Prejudice is one of those romantic dramas that makes you wish you had a time machine to experience the historical majesty of old England. British accents, a fiery Elizabeth and the utterly perfect Mr. Darcy, with his wit and captivating vocabulary (read: concupiscence) make this a must-see summer movie that will fill your dreams with fantasy.


One of the most touching love stories ever, The Notebook was a shoo-in on this list. The premise: Poor boy falls in love with rich girl on summer break, which causes family concerns due to money and prestige. Actors Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling define the exuberance of young love, rejuvenating any couple’s summer romance. Check out our favorite scene (squeal!):


The Princess Bride has something for every movie watcher: Giant rodents and a six-fingered swordsman for the guys, and unconditional, enchanting love for the ladies. The dreamy and masculine hotty, Westley, captures the hearts of women, including Princess Buttercup, with his passionate and trademarked statement: “As you wish.” The clever story line of this film and unexpected happenings make it a perfect chick flick.


A pseudo-orgasm at a diner table revolutionized When Harry Met Sally back in the ’80s. The movie revolves around a philosophy that guys and girls cannot truly be friends because sexual feelings always get in the way. Following two friends’ serendipitous encounters throughout their lives, the viewer experiences hurt, happiness, disbelief and a slew of emotions in between. We ultimately realize that platonic relationships always lead to romantic interest. This scene always brings us the lolz.


Step into the life and mind of young William Shakespeare and his love affair with the actress in his play. The tension of balancing affection and societal preferences, surrounded by pressures of work and family, keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this movie. The depth of feeling and misfortune of Shakespeare himself will unveil an entirely new sentiment toward this brilliant master of literature.


Bridget Jones’s Diary explains the touching and often awkward moments of finding love. The star reporter is torn between falling for her seemingly perfect boss and Mr. Wrong, the odd guy that always shows up at family holiday parties. The great narration inviting you inside Bridget Jones’s peculiar mind in this British film will keep you laughing from beginning to end.


My Best Friend’s Wedding has it all: Women fighting to win a man’s heart, enthusiastic group singing at a restaurant table, a tender moment on a river boat ride, and of course, a climactic scene of chasing the distraught bride-to-be hours before the wedding. This light-hearted romantic comedy is sure to make you laugh and re-examine your own love-seeking tendencies. Need a little pick-me-up? Check out our beloved “Say a Little Prayer” scene:


Dirty Dancing centers on the curious daughter of a well-off family who vacations at a resort each summer. Baby, the adventurer and social issues advocate, stumbles upon the anything-but-prudent resort staff and finds a suave dancer who prepares her for an upcoming dance competition. The physical contact of the art inevitably leads to romance, while other burdens of teen love create conflict. This is a perfect summer evening movie!

1. Titanic

Admit it. You saw this at least five times back in the day. Oh, Leo, wherefore art thou so hot? One thing we’ve noticed throughout this article: Chicks really dig stories of unrequited love between two people of differing social class. Just sayin’. But wait, could it be? Is there a Titanic 2 on the horizon? This video had us totally convinced there was. But it turns out it’s just a mash-up of Leo DiCaprio movies created by (we’re guessing) a really talented film major.:

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