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How to sexify your bedroom

You’re in the mood for some lovin’ but your bedroom isn’t. Turn your bedroom into a sex haven with these simple tips and tricks.

Romantic Red Bedroom

Give your bed a makeover

Purchase the highest thread-count sheets that you can afford. Add a luxurious bedspread or comforter in a soft, rich fabric such as velvet or silk. Pick sexy colors like reds and purples. If you don’t want to overhaul all your bedding, simply fill your bed with inviting pillows. Attach a sheer canopy to the ceiling to drape over your bed.

You’d also be surprised how much mattress companies are taking into account consumers’ desire for a better sex life. Hollandia International has even made mattresses with surround sound, champagne coolers, body massagers and iPod docs. So your mattress can actually mean better sex!

Get rid of the TV

Take your television, computer and video games out of your bedroom. If you can’t put them in another room, tuck them away in a big armoire. Get rid of any exercise equipment, too!

Clear out the kids’ toys

Take all the kids’ toys out of your bedroom and put them back where they belong. Also, get rid of any clutter stacked on bookcases, dressers and nightstands.

Add candlelight

Turn off the overhead lighting and use table lamps and candlelight instead. For something a little different, add pink or gold lightbulbs to your lamps. For safety, you can use flameless candles.

Put together a secret chest

Even though you got rid of the kids’ toys, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some of your own. Keep sex toys, massage oils, silk scarves and other fun items in a chest or basket near your bed.

Install a big mirror

A large mirror in the bedroom is definitely sexy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the ceiling. Mount it on any wall in a place that is easily visible from your bed. Sensual artwork or photos can also add a sexy appeal to your room.

Stock your CD player with sexy tunes

Make sure that you have your CD player, MP3 player or iPhone stocked with sexy music for a sensuous rendezvous. You can create a mixtape with you and your partner’s favorite love songs to play whenever you are together.

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