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How to look sexy, not slutty on a date

Congratulations, you’ve met someone new! He’s asked you out and now you are asking the dreaded question, “What should I wear?” You want to look sexy but not slutty — and that’s a fine line. To look sultry without looking trampy, follow these tips for what to wear out on a date.

Little Black Dress

Do wear…

A slinky black dress

Every woman should have one perfect little black cocktail dress. Look for a dress that hugs your curves without being too clingy or tight. A dress that falls a few inches above the knee is perfect because it can be worn just about anywhere.

A one-shoulder top

Perhaps surprisingly, many guys think a bare neck and shoulders is even hotter than showing a lot of leg. One-shoulder dresses and tops are on trend this season and offer that subtly sexiness that men desire. You can wear a one-shoulder top with everything from skinny jeans to a flirty skirt.

A great pair of heels

Women love high heels, and men do too. Just make sure that they aren’t so high that you can’t walk comfortably in them. Three-inches is the optimal heel height for most women. Open-toe pumps or strappy evening sandals are sultry and sexy.

A sexy updo

Though flowing locks are certainly sexy, nothing beats an updo for a special date. Forget about harsh buns and overly coifed styles, instead choose a slightly messy updo that says, “I look good without even trying.”

Don’t wear…

A super short skirt

If you can’t get out of the car without exposing yourself Britney Spears style, then your skirt is too short. Leave something to the imagination!

Thigh-high boots

Though over-the-knee boots are popping up everywhere these days, they are a bit too trampy when you are dating someone new. Leave the hooker boots and clear stripper heels in your closet for now.

Too much makeup

Truth be told, women like makeup more than men do. Cosmetics should enhance your beauty not overpower your face — so don’t cake it on. “There’s nothing worse than her foundation getting all over your shirt when she gives you a hug,” says Brandon, a single guy looking for a sexy yet sweet woman. “If she wears too much makeup, you wonder what’s she’s hiding underneath…and what you’ll wake up with the next morning.”

Anything too revealing

Sheer fabrics are popular this season, but that doesn’t mean you should wear them without undergarments. As a rule of thumb, flaunt just one body part — pick your legs, cleavage, shoulders or back — whichever one is your favorite. Don’t expose them all. A tiny mini skirt and a deep V-neck top would be overwhelming, whereas an open-back dress that falls just below the knee is amazingly sexy.

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