5 Women share how they met their loves

The cute meeting, the miscommunication that leads to confusion and possibly anger, the big reveal and finally the kiss: Thanks to a few too many romantic comedies, this series of events is what “love story” has come to mean. But love stories exist outside of screenplays, too. Every couple has their own love story — how they met and when they fell in love. SheKnows.com talked to five in-love ladies to get their real-life love stories. Each one is just as romantic as anything we’ve seen on the big screen, and you don’t have to buy a ticket to hear about them.

Couple in their 50s

Jane, 57, and Alan, 59 (Potomac, MD) — Married 29 years

Jane and Alan were grad students when they met. She asked him to help when she was moving. “I guess you could say the move went well because that’s when we started dating,” she jokes. She knew he was the one for her during a trip she took to Turkey. Seeing Turkey had always been a dream of hers, but there she was, in the middle of Taksim Plaza, and all she could think about was Alan. She rushed to find a phone for an international call, which wasn’t an easy thing to do in Istanbul in the 70s, and told him she wanted to be together forever.

Lauren, 27, and Simon, 28 (Los Angeles, CA) — Married (almost) one year

As an American studying abroad in Australia, Lauren wasn’t expecting to find the love of her life. But that’s what she did when she met Simon out at the pub one night. They began dating and were getting quite serious when her visa expired, and she had to head back to the States. After several months apart, the two realized they couldn’t continue with an ocean between them. They figured out their geographical dilemma and married last year in California. Lauren’s advice to other women looking for love: “Never let the Pacific bring you down!”

Jen, 30, and Calvin, 33 (Hoboken, NJ) — Getting married in June

Calvin was Jen’s brother’s best friend, and that’s the only way Jen thought of him for nine years. That changed, though, when Calvin tagged along with Jen’s brother to her birthday party. Calvin and Jen were inseparable that night, and everyone could tell there was something romantic brewing between the two. Jen didn’t have any doubts about getting involved with Calvin. After all, he’s her brother’s best friend. “You can’t get a better background check than that,” Jen says.

Barbara, 80, and Ivan, 81 (Boca Raton, FL) — Married 59 years

Barbara and Ivan were neighbors growing up. When she needed a regular ride to school, Ivan offered to drive, charging her for every lift. Their relationship remained strictly pay-per-ride until they were both invited to the same cocktail party. Ivan offered to take her, but she declined, saying that she’d rather go with a date who didn’t charge. That was the kick in the tush Ivan needed to ask her on a real date. They’ve been together ever since.

Julie, 28, and Daniel, 27 (New York, NY) — Recently engaged

Julie and Daniel met at synagogue when she was 11 and he was 10. Julie always thought Daniel had a crush on her, but things didn’t get romantic between the two until high school. When asked how she knew Daniel was the one, Julie can’t point to just a single thing. “It was a series of things: How kind he is to me, how much he loves my family (and they love him!), how well he gets along with my friends. A million big and little things.”

All together now: AWW! Don’t these stories warm your heart… or make you want to binge-eat a Warm Delight? It’s one of the two, though, right?


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