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Eco-friendly wedding dresses

At we’ve noticed that when people talk about ways to ‘green’ your wedding, they often shy away from talking about the wedding dress. I think that’s because when people think ‘green clothing’ they think hippie, and they don’t see how to reconcile their desire for a stylish and elegant wedding dress with the image of a barefoot bride dressed in hemp (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it isn’t for everyone).

Eco-friendly wedding dress

There are many different ways to make a wedding dress choice that’s eco-friendly. One of the greenest choices is a vintage or once-wed dress. There are a lot of excellent sources for finding a once-wed dress including your own family, and sites like Recycled Bride.

Other choices include choosing sustainable fabrics or fabrics and dresses that are locally created. If choosing eco-friendly clothing is important to you, you will need to do some research into your choices. Just because a dress has a natural or green feel, doesn’t mean that it was created from sustainable fabrics or in an eco-friendly manner.

At we recently updated our Wedding Dress Gallery with more than 3,000 photographs of beautiful wedding dresses from hundreds of designers. Two of the designers that we’re most excited about just happen to be doing some great “eco-friendly” work!

Cotton Bride has an amazing collection of dresses including classic styles like this mermaid dress and this Grecian goddess look, to modern looks like this princess silhouette with a green sash or this short, flirty wedding dress for a casual look or destination wedding.

Eco-friendly wedding dresses

Adele Wechsler’s eco-couture collection includes elements like organic hemp and silk, vegetable dyes, and repurposed fabrics to create stunning wedding dresses that are as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful.

Whatever wedding dress you choose, don’t forget that what you do with your dress after your wedding can also have an environmental impact. Investigate cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly, and consider donating or reselling your dress rather than storing it. Although storing it may seem like an environmental choice, the chances that your daughter or other relatives will choose to you’re your dress are slim. Giving your dress a second life is good for your wallet and the Earth. Reusing is one of the best tools you have for making eco-friendly clothing choices.

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