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Preparing children for x-rays

Preparing Children for X-Rays from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta For many, the summer is a time for more than just sitting by the pool or attending camp. Many parents choose to schedule medical procedures or elective surgery for their children in the summer months, rather than during the school year. Studies show that children cope better with medical procedures when they are well-prepared ahead of time. Parents are better able to help their children when they are prepared as well.

Child and x-ray

Below are tips from the Radiology department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that offer parents advice and guidance before they arrive for a medical procedure or diagnostic test with their child.

  • One or two days before the test, tell your child that he is going to the hospital to have some “pictures” taken of his body.
  • Use simple words. Be honest with your child and explain exactly what will happen.
  • Bring your child’s medication to the appointment. You will be asked to provide a list of your child’s medications and information regarding your child’s injury or illness prior to the exam. This information helps Children’s to better care for your child.
  • If it is going to hurt (such as a needle stick to start the I.V.), talk with your child about it and let your child know it is OK to cry.
  • Let your child know that you will stay with him as much as possible during the test.
  • When you come to the hospital, bring along a favorite videotape, book, toy, special blanket, pacifier or game.
  • You may also bring along a snack, bottle of juice or formula for after the test.
  • Comfort your child with your presence and voice.
  • If possible, make arrangements in advance for the care of any brothers or sisters on the day of the exam. You will want to focus on caring for the child who is having the exam.

Provided by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

About Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the leading pediatric healthcare systems in the country, is pleased to offer summer tips for parents and their children. Click on the links for more information. Children’s experts are also available for interviews pertaining to these topics, as well as additional pediatric health care issues. Please contact Children’s 24-hour, 7-day-a-week media pager at 404-570-9717 to reach a public relations representative immediately. Children’s is a not-for-profit organization that benefits from the generous philanthropic and volunteer support of our community. Operating three hospitals with more than half a million patient visits annually, Children’s is recognized for excellence in cancer, cardiac, neonatal, orthopaedic and transplant services, as well as many other pediatric specialties. Visit our Web site at or call 404-250-KIDS to learn more about Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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