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What’s in your purse?

What’s in your purse right now? You can probably answer that question with more certainty than you can recite your children’s social security numbers. A woman’s purse, after all, is sacrosanct, and we tend to keep them well stocked with the things we need.

On the other hand, if you haven’t checked the contents of your catch-all lately, you might be more than a little surprised to find out exactly how much you’re carrying around. It happens to the best of us: Life gets busy, and the purse clean-out gets bumped to the bottom of the list, right after cleaning out the car.


If you’re curious about what other women carry, and how your stash compares to theirs, you’re not alone. Just like most of us peek through medicine cabinets in other people’s homes, we harbor a secret desire to rifle through the purses of our friends.


Fortunately, you can satisfy your cravings without alienating your nearest and dearest, thanks to the Interwebs. Check out the What’s in your bag group at Flickr, which has close to 20,000 members who’ve dumped out the contents of their bags and photographed them for your ogling pleasure. (You’re welcome.) While you’re there, check out the discussion about the three most important items women carry, aside from wallet, keys and phone. (For the record, iPod, camera and lip balm seem to be the winners.)


Over at The Budget Babe, 30 readers have posted complete descriptions of their purses’ contents, including product names, brands and even sizes. Then, of course, there’s the PurseBlog, where you’ll find seven pages of comments answering the question, “What do you carry in your purse?”


Even InStyle wants to know what’s in the average woman’s handbag (not that any of us are average, of course — just check the contents of our amazing bags for proof!). They have a terrific little feature called In Your Bag. Frankly, I’m more into the bags of non-celebrities, but you can peek inside the big-name bags, too.


Time to spill (literally): In my purse, which is a fabulous Butler Bag (no, not the crazy-expensive one, but a much less expensive model that seems to have been discontinued) that I received for my birthday last year, I have: My wallet, iPod Touch, Blackberry (which has gone totally unused since acquiring the iPod), Kindle (which is an absolute lifesaver whenever I find myself with a few spare minutes), three pens, a hairbrush, a bottle of water (I’m still nursing, and I’m always thirsty), a package of sandwich crackers (ostensibly for the kids, but who am I kidding?), and a couple of samples of Cetaphil moisturizer.


And now it’s your turn! Leave a comment and tell us what’s in your bag!?


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