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Engagement ring trends

An engagement ring may be timeless and forever, but there’s no denying that engagement ring styles come and go. At we recently redid our wedding and engagement ring gallery and we are definitely noticing some current trends and fashions.

Art Deco Ring


You’d have to be blind not to notice how familiar everything looks. Vintage styles are everywhere from models on the runway to brides down the aisle and definitely the rings around their fingers. Actual vintage rings are popular as an affordable and eco-friendly option. Even new rings are mimicking lines and styles ranging from art deco to modernist plain.

Flowers in bloom

Every spring and summer flowers make a comeback on dresses and accessories. They symbolize hope, femininity and youthfulness. This year flowers are also showing up on rings — with diamonds and other jewels forming delicate and surprising flower shapes.Diamond Engagement Ring

Gold is golden

For the past few years silver and platinum have replaced gold as the metal of choice. But lately gold, including rose gold and yellow gold, is making a comeback. As this six prong ring from Blue Nile shows, yellow gold really helps a white diamond stand out.

Diamonds are forever (so are sapphires, emeralds, rubies…)

Although diamond engagement rings have become traditional, diamonds aren’t the only choice for an engagement ring. Many people object to diamonds for humanitarian or environmental reasons. For other brides, a diamond just isn’t the right style. Almost any hard gemstone can be used for an engagement ring. Sapphires gained a lot of popularity in the 1980s when Princess Diana’s ring contained one, and they remain popular today.

Eco-Friendly Options

We’ve written more extensively on eco-friendly engagement ring options for SheKnows because responsible purchasing is definitely a wedding trend. Conflict-free diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and re-purposed jewels and metals are all part of this trend.

One husband, two rings

Most couples today contribute at least some money to their wedding, and many couples pay for the wedding themselves. Given all the expenses involved with a wedding, many couples are choosing to put off buying the expensive engagement ring until later. Some couples are choosing not to have an engagement ring at all, while others are choosing something more affordable now with a promise for a more expensive ring at an important anniversary.

Don’t be too swayed by trends

Today’s fashion-dos are tomorrow’s fashion-don’ts! Remember, you’ll be wearing your engagement ring long after skinny-leg jeans have gone back out of style, so make sure your ring fits not just with today’s styles, but with your own personal sense of style. Good taste — and of course jewelry — rarely goes out of style!


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