Relive your courtship

Routines are great, but when it comes to relationships sometimes it’s best to shake things up! Inject a feeling of newness and romance in your relationship by reliving the days of courtship with your beau. After all, that’s the time you fell so in love, right? Read on for four ideas that are sure to make you both swoon all over again.

Married Couple Making Out

Just chat

Remember when spending hours on the phone together flew by in what seemed like mere minutes? With a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to take time to connect like that. Make it a point to carve out some time just to chat with your loved one. Schedule a specific date if you have to, and turn off all distractions, like your BlackBerry, iPhone and TV to sit, talk and reconnect like you just started dating. It’ll surprise you how much you missed this seemingly simple time together.

Make a date

There’s something so sweet about reaching that comfort level in a relationship when you can sit and just be together without saying a word. But for many couples, that sweetness soon dissipates and turns into a stale routine. Make a date night and plan activities together you can both enjoy. Think dinner and a movie, an art gallery opening, a concert or other special event, to name a few. If you can, go all-out like when you first started dating and plan an outfit, do your hair and makeup and plan other fun surprises, like some sexy lingerie and Champagne to celebrate. You’ll quickly start to wonder why you stopped going on date nights to begin with!

Be thoughtful

When relationships blossom, they’re often marked with sweet tokens of affection and thoughtfulness. Take some time to reassure your significant other how much you care and appreciate them with kind gestures, gifting something they love, or even just verbalizing it. Even something small, like doing a chore they dislike will really show how much you care to have them in your life.

Just kiss

Aaah, to be a teen again, when life was so simple and holding hands gave you the ultimate high. Well, why not? Next time you’re getting intimate, slow down like you’re just getting to know each other. Make out for hours like you’re in high school. Ponder what it is about that kiss that made you fall to begin with.

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