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Dress 10 pounds thinner

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably resolved to lose a little weight this year (although, for the record, we love you just the way you are!). But there are things you can do today to make it look like you’ve already achieved your goals — no crunches required. Here are our top tips for dressing 10 pounds thinner.

1. Wear clothes that fit you.

“Often I see women trying to camouflage their weight by wearing over-sized, ill-fitting garments. No matter what size you wear, or how much you weigh, always select proper fitting garments to look your best,” says Kelly Machbitz, AICI CIP, Certified Image Consultant.


2. Forget about the tags.

Squeezing your size 12 body into a size 8 dress for the joy of wearing a size 8 is not fooling anyone. “Stop looking at numbers and look at the garment,” says Sharon Haver, founder and Editor in Chief of the NEW “Every manufacturer cuts clothes differently. Cut the size out if it really bothers you.”


3. Create a vertical line.

Use a monochromatic color scheme to create a long, lean look. If you wear a white shirt, a red belt, and a black skirt, you’re visually cutting your figure and drawing attention to areas you might not want to highlight.


4. Ditch the black.

“Not everyone looks good in black. The real secret to dressing thin? Dress for your body type,” says Teresa Morisco, Founder and Chief Stylist of Wardrobe 911. Take a free body type quiz to determine your body type and get a few tips along the way on what styles to look for that will flatter you.


5. Downplay what you don’t like.

Once you know your body type, work with it, not against it. If you have a poochy stomach, “avoid tucking in tops or cinching in garments with a belt as this will just draw attention to the area,” says Machbitz. “Use accessories around your face to add color and bring the attention up,” she says.


6. Choose fabrics carefully.

Fabrics that skim the body can camouflage problem areas, unlike clingy fabrics that highlight every bulge. And stay away from bulky, heavy fabrics, which can add visual weight.


7. Don’t get hung up on the rules.

If you’re wearing shirt with horizontal stripes, but it’s a shirt that fits you well and flatters you, go for it, says Haver. “Fashion isn’t about rules. It’s about the total look.”


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