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7 Little ways to make any guy swoon

You’d think the way to any man’s heart would be as easy as baseball, beer and hotdogs. But alas, every dude is different. If you really want to make him swoon, pick one of these perfect, personalized dates. Your attention to detail will be a major turn-on — plus it’s a great way to show him you care without dropping a premature L-word bomb.

Couple at indie theater


If your beau is a man-about-nature, plan an adult game of hide-and-seek that will quench his desire for experiencing all the unknowns of the wilderness. Get a GPS tracking device, such as SPOT Personal Tracker, and hide in the forest, a corn maze or any other outdoor area with obstructed views. Set a timer and instruct your man to find you at your specific GPS location. As crazy as it sounds, this will get your his heart beating as he searches for you. It’s a man versus nature scenario to save his damsel in distress. Once he locates you, celebrate with a long, desperate kiss, enhanced by adrenaline and temporary absence.


Every guy likes to be Mr. Macho, but if yours is especially so, read on! To stroke his ego a bit, sign up for a highly testosterone-driven martial arts or self-defense class with him. You’ll both learn some pretty impressive moves, and the inevitable physical contact can foreshadow the heat to follow the class. Note: Leave the messy hair concerns and broken nail complaints at home! This is an activity to please your macho man and feed his male ego.

For The Competitive GUY

Take your man’s competitive nature to the racetrack. Whether it’s a go-kart track or a professional competition speedway, put the pedal to the metal for some love demonstration. Try some flirty passing around corners and watch him sweat when you’re in the lead. There’s no satiation like that of driving recklessly at high speeds for men. Exploit his competitive spirit with this great activity that shows him you truly care.


Is your man moved by all things art? Get tickets to a special screening of an indie film, and go out for wine or coffee afterward to discuss the film’s cinematography, highlights and profound notions that made you ponder. He’ll appreciate your intellectual analysis and the emotion the film evokes in you. For a monthly reminder of your love, get him a subscription to a design magazine, such as Metropolis, to continually feed his creativity.

For The Analytical fellow

If your man claims the world is black and white, demonstrate your affinity for him with a problem to solve. Write him a note about how great he is, but before mailing it to his office, translate it into code, assigning each letter a different one. For example, every ‘A’ would become a ‘C’ and every ‘B’ would become a ‘D’ so that each letter is two away from its origin. Be sure to make yourself a key! Your analytical man will welcome the challenge to decode it and read all your compliments as the prize.

For The Tech NERD

Dabble in the techy guy’s online world a bit to show you care about his interests. Twenty-something Alexandra Evjen, who is married to a web developer, says she takes time to look over websites her hubby develops and shares her thoughts on them. She continues, “I also subscribe to some tech blogs just so I can stay up-to-date on technology, have things to add to our conversations and send him interesting articles.” If your techy is into video games, plan a night each week you play the game he wants to play for an hour or two, even if you’re blowing up aliens and saving the world!


For the guy who is the diehard sports fan, Amanda Melendez, the new bride of a sports freak, suggests checking which nights ‘his team’ is playing and inviting his friends over to watch it with him. Go ahead and stock up on his signature snacks and beverages, too! For the cherry on top, wear his favorite team’s jersey on game night to show your support. Then, if the team makes it to the playoffs or championship games, Melendez recommends surprising him by purchasing tickets for the two of you to see the game. Her final piece of advice? Do your homework! “Sometimes women have to research the player or team, but it’s worth it when [you see how happy it makes your man],” concludes Melendez.

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