4 Most annoying things that get blamed on PMS

PMS is real. We’re not denying that. But sometimes, just about anything we women do elicits the patronizing, “Well, do you think it’s just PMS, hun?” Some people are just too quick to write off too much to PMS, and that’s plain annoying. Here are some of the behaviors that most frequently draw the irritating PMS question.

Woman eating cake


Yes, we all admit that crying is a common symptom of PMS, but sometimes your red eyes and wet cheeks have real reasons. Nothing’s more irksome than when you’ve had a legit tragedy and someone dares to ask, “PMS?” You’re a stronger woman than we are if you can stop from yelling, “I just had a rotten meeting where I found out a wasn’t getting a raise this year, there’s a run in my tights, I spotted my first gray hair this morning, and my family’s dog died. Oh, and I had my period last week. Thanks for your concern.”


We eat every day, multiple times. When a woman comes into the office with something slightly less than healthy — say, a hamburger with a side of brownie bites — why do some automatically write it off as PMS? Sometimes, we make poor eating decisions that aren’t controlled by raging hormones. Brownie bites are delicious, regardless of where we are in our ovulation cycles. End of story.


A woman’s anger is not always because of PMS. It could be because, I don’t know, someone stole her favorite leopard-print umbrella from the umbrella bin despite the fact that it was clearly hers, and the only leopard-print umbrella in the entire bin. Maybe she just accidentally miscommunicated herself into blunt-cut bangs at the salon. Perhaps someone dented her car in the parking lot of Dairy Queen, and she can’t even enjoy her Mud Pie Blizzard because she’s so pissed about the $500 worth of detail work her Yaris is going to need. Or you know, anything else that could create anger that’s not at all related to menstruation.

Decision making

Have you ever gotten the “You’ll probably change your mind when you’re a little less hormonal” line and then immediately thought, “You’d better hope so, because right now, I want to dump you for saying that”? Us, too. It’s infuriating!

PMS should never be used as an excuse for any kind of behavior unless, of course, the aforementioned PMS is yours. Then, of coure, it’s totally your right to blame whatever you want on it.


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