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Get a celebrity body on a budget

It’s true: Many of those red carpet celebs with enviable tight abs and toned limbs have an expensive entourage of personal trainers, diet gurus and motivational coaches to help them achieve their A-list shape. However, just because you don’t have the bank roll to hire a red carpet fitness crew doesn’t mean you can’t have a star-caliber body. Cornel Chin, high profile celebrity fitness expert and author of Celebrity Body on a Budget, shares how you can get an A-list shape up even if you do have shallow pockets.

Celebrity Body on a BudgetCelebs go from flab to fab with high-dollar help

Have you ever wondered how celebrities miraculously change their bodies from flab to fab in a matter of just a few months? How can they change their shape so quickly while it takes the rest of us years to get a rippling six pack or streamlined pins?

Many celebrities follow extreme diets and often resort to the odd nip and tuck to acquire their much desired and admired bodies. The secret for red carpet hotties lies in time coupled with a very healthy bank balance.

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Celebs are human, too

For the average person trying to get into shape, attaining a celeb-level body can seem just a pipe dream. Well, there’s no need to dream on! You can realistically attain and maintain a celebrity body without the hefty bank balance to boot!

Ponder this: Celebrities are human like rest of us. Okay, they possess status, wealth and admiration, but for those celebrities who prefer to “go natural” with their bodies (and there are many of them that do!), they still need to put in the time and effort to hone and tone their physiques. The main difference is their spending power. Time wise, they are probably as time pressured as the rest of us — I should know, because I train some of these people!

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Secrets to achieve a red carpet physique

Regardless of budget, to successfully achieve the perfect body requires two things: an effective workout plan and a well balanced diet. If you’re carrying excess baggage on your body, you need to exercise and reduce your calorie intake to lose weight. If you want to improve muscle tone and strength, you need to start a resistance training routine to stimulate your muscles.

Celebrities use these same strategies but are much more successful at it than the average person. The reason why is because they have a lot more money, and they have to make time to achieve their goals.

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The celebrity advantage

Many celebrities have the same time constraints as we do. They still have to rehearse, meet their agents, attend award ceremonies, visit their hairdresser, image consultant and make time for their families. The demands on their time can be overwhelming.

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However, a lot of these problems are solved as they can afford to allocate and delegate mundane life chores to others. If they need to shape up for a movie that starts filming in a few months, they (or the film studio) hire a personal chef, fitness trainer and nutritionist. They have the luxury of having healthy meals prepared for them and, when they’re ready to workout, they have an exclusive fitness trainer on tap.

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